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Religious Education May 29th


By Zeynel Cebeci [via Wikimedia Commons]

There are 2 religious education Sundays left in the church year, and then an all-church intergenerational service June 12th. If the weather is nice this Sunday, we will have an all-RE gathering and go outside for some final games and activities to celebrate our connections and learning together this year. If it is indoor weather, we will have our final gatherings in each of our classes, to reflect on what we have learned this year, and hope to have our all-RE celebration next week on June 5th.

Nursery care is not available this Sunday as our volunteer teachers will be taking a much earned vacation day! Babies are welcome in the sanctuary, as always.

As it heats up outside, the best Religious Education classroom anyone could wish for is coming alive and more accessible than ever. Let us all pledge to spend time outside with our children/inner children, delighting in the mystery and awe of this beautiful world. Being in nature helps us all to connect and come into the present moment, and replenish our spirits.