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Religious Education May 22nd

stone heartAs the church year comes to an end, my heart is filled with gratitude to everyone who came together to offer our rich and wonderful Religious Education programming this year. Before the children leave for RE this Sunday we will have an Appreciation Ceremony to honor all of our RE Guides this year. I think about all the ways our Guides have offered of themselves. Each one of them have shared from their own unique gifts to guide and teach in a unique way that only they can do. This will be an opportunity for the whole congregation to say “thank you”.

Then, we will have a Bridging Ceremony for our graduating high school Seniors as we send them off with our congregational blessing.

Spirit Play, Sing to the Power, Breakfast Club, and the Nursery will follow out after the ceremony. The classes are in their final stages, concluding and reviewing their journeys this year with the 3 remaining Sundays before our final multigenerational Flower Communion service on June 12th.