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Spring Outdoor Cleanup May 14, 2016

Thumbs up with a white garden glove. Isolated on a white background

The day was beautiful and it was a pleasure to have so many friends come to help with the cleanup last Saturday.  So much was accomplished and the grounds and the Memorial Garden look cared for and ready to bloom.  We are now ready for the town to move the big green electrical box to a less obvious location and to pave the walkway and parking lot.

We thank the following people for coming and working so hard at the cleanup:

Sheila Davison, Phil Ralli, Ernie Beer, Paul Reising, Emarie Pope, Peg Espinola, Terry Lockhart, Marge Langmuir, Val Tratnyek, Marion Tratnyek, Aline Kaplan, Deborah Kruskal, Matt Stein and his three lively kids who helped water and weed and collect earthworms.

Matt’s truck was a terrific bonus as it helped make short work of moving a large pile of collected sticks and brush from our gardens.  And, what a blessing it was to be able to load the entire rock pile from the shed and truck it up the hill to dump them at the entrance to the Memorial Garden!  These rocks will be used to outline the paths, replacing the branches that serve that function now.  Want to help?

Marge Langmuir, co-chair, Landscape Committee