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One Good Sermon

DP pulpitEveryone has at least one good sermon in them. The Worship Associates Group will hold a special training event on Saturday afternoon, May 21 from 2 pm to 4 pm to teach anyone interested in leading a worship service this summer how to create a service that is both meaningful and interesting. Maybe you just want to learn about the elements of a worship service and how they are put together. For more information, see members of WAG (Lulu Cash, Alorie Parkhill, Tom Yelton and Michael Tyo). All are very welcome.

And, on the subject of preaching, here is a short story from Fred Rogers:

When I was a seminary student taking my first homiletics course, one Sunday I heard the worst sermon anyone could ever give…I thought! A substitute preacher had come to our church and, in his sermon, went against every rule that we had been taught in class. As he finished, I was ready to give him my unspoken failing grade; but I happened to look at the woman who was sitting beside me. With moist eyes, she turned and said, ‘That preacher said exactly what I needed to hear.’

Well, that service turned out to be one of the most important times of my life. Obviously, something had happened between that preacher’s poor sermon and that woman in need. It hadn’t happened to me. Of course, I had come there in judgment – not in need.

Ever since that day, I have recognized that the space between a person who is doing his or her best and a person who has come in need – that space is holy ground.  —Fred Rogers