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2016 Pledge Drive

Steel, ChurchDanceQuestions & Answers about 2016 Pledge Drive

By now most of you have decided on your financial commitment for fiscal year 2017 at First Parish. You’ve filled out your pledge cards and the Stewardship Team, Finance Committee and Board of Trustees are making final adjustments to the proposed budget. It seems like a good time to answer some questions about the pledge drive.

How did we do?

There are some very positive results from the pledge drive. More than 40% of households increased their pledges, while only 17% decreased. We’re particularly pleased that so many people who made significant increases last year because of the very generous match were able and willing to maintain the same level. We also had several new pledges this year!


Did we raise the amount projected in the preliminary budget?

Again, good news to report. As of April 11th, the official close of the pledge drive, we had slightly exceeded our projected pledge commitments (by approximately $1,000).


Does this mean no cuts from last year and/or a balanced budget?

Unfortunately the answer to this one is no. Last year we experienced a significant decline in members and a commensurate decrease in pledges. We were extremely fortunate to have a generous donor provide a pledge match that compensated for the pledge loss and enabled us to implement steps to reverse the decline. We always knew it would take more than one year to solve the problem and we made our pledge projections based on that knowledge. We are very pleased to say that we have “turned the corner” and are moving in the right direction.


What will the FY 17 budget look like?

The preliminary budget you received last month includes some expense reductions from last year and a deficit of approximately $10,000. Over the next couple of weeks the Finance Committee will finalize the budget details and make a recommendation for any pledge commitments received in excess of the projections. However, for the most part the budget will look very similar to what you received as part of the pledge drive materials.


What if I have questions about the budget?

Hopefully you were able to attend one of the two information sessions offered by the Finance Committee during the pledge drive. If a new question has come up, please email the Trustee Liaison to Finance Committee, Sheila Murphy.


What if I forgot to submit my pledge or I want to increase it?

While the pledge drive has officially closed, we will continue to include pledges received until the final budget is presented to the Trustees on May 4th. Just send your card to First Parish or email with the amount. Thank you.


The Trustees and the Stewardship Team extend their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who pledged. Your generosity and caring are what make First Parish such a special place!