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The Terrace Project

DP excavator clipartThe First Parish Landscape Committee, along with many others, have had a dream for years – to provide a gathering space for all by creating a terrace at the front of our Meeting House. We wanted to be able to open the 18th century doors and spill out onto the “rocky plain” – connecting our community with the greater community of Sudbury. We wanted to provide a place for celebrations. We wanted First Parish to look open and welcoming.
We wanted to allow visitors to come in through our historic entrance. We wanted to come in through the historic entrance! We wanted to feel something greater than each of us alone – the connection between our history, our land, and our community.

Now, after many years of planning, preparation, and hard work, we are about to see this dream come true. The Landscape Committee raised funds for the terrace through a mum sale that was held every year until it was no longer profitable. The fund was added to by gifts from those who strongly shared the dream. But there was never enough. Now, due to a very generous contribution from Nancy Moore in memory of Helga Andrews (our very
dear friend who cared so much about this project), we have attained sufficient funds.

In February, the Board of Trustees approved the project. And, in the end, to obtain the preferred stone and the preferred size, several of us added significant gifts at the last minute. This week excavation will begin, and a terrace will emerge. It will extend 22′ out from the steps in a semi-circular shape and be supported by a low stone wall. Drawings of the plan are posted on the Landscape Committee bulletin board in the Parish Hall. And please
ask any of the committee members about it! We are so excited!

The Landscape Committee:

Valerie Tratnyek, chair
Betty Bishop
Aline Kaplan
Deborah Kruskal
Marge Langmuir
Sue Rubel
Marty Shugrue
Marion Tratnyek
Bunny Van Valey