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Students Together Opposing Prejudice (S.T.O.P.)

STOPS.T.O.P. is an education initiative established in 1991. The program was designed and implemented by representatives of three faith organizations in Sudbury, Massachusetts with the support and assistance of the Anti Defamation League’s Making a Difference Program.

 This program is a seven-week curriculum, targeted at Junior High students and facilitated by high school students. Through the use of games, activities and peer discussions participants learn how to recognize and respond to stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.

First Parish of Sudbury has participated for many years in S.T.O.P., including our teens, religious educators and ministers. This year our youth Anna and Joseph Curnan-LaCava and Bailey and Sonia Prince partipated, as well as Lisa LaCava, Chris Scheller, DRE, and Rev. Marjorie.

To see the 2016 S.T.O.P. video, click here: