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Sunday, March 20 2pm Black Lives Matter training session

Join us Sunday, March 20 at 2pm as welcome Mr. Abe Lateiner, writer and blogger on racism and other related topics to join with Rev. Marjorie in this racial justice workshop for our congregation.

Mr. Lateiner wrote:

We are a group of White people who have participated in several doorknocking campaigns supporting PoC-led antiracist causes, most notably attempts to pass regulations for the use of police body cameras. We have experience training White people to talk to other White people about racism, and are offering a training for White faith communities looking to engage in antiracist action.

Our training is designed to help White people work towards taking concrete actions against racism. Its major goal is to push White people to move past the discomfort of discussing racial issues and prepare them emotionally to confront racism in their everyday lives. Through roleplaying, accountability processes, and active participation in antiracist action, we will show how White discomfort is not only inescapable and understandable, but in fact can be used as powerful a tool to communicate antiracism and to motivate antiracist action.

We will offer White people the opportunity to “root” themselves in something greater than themselves as a way to work through their discomfort around race. That rooting might be in faith, spirituality, shared non-spiritual identity, or something else. When we are rooted, we are capable of being bolder and taking greater risks in confronting racism.

We will also offer White participants concrete examples of acts of disobedience to White supremacy. We can help White people to see that there are positive risks we can take everywhere, all the time, to build the movement against racism. Key to being engaged in this process is challenging ourselves to disrupt racism in more and more significant ways, while building a community to keep us accountable to our risk-taking (for ourselves and others).