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Religious Education March 13th

By Xklaim - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Xklaim – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Spirit Play moved from the story of Owen and Mzee to the story Old Turtle last week. Once, long ago, when all the animals and rocks and winds and waters, and trees and birds could speak and understand one another, there began an ARGUMENT about the nature of God. Each being thought that God was most like them. The rock said, “God was a great rock that never moves.” The wind said, “God is a wind who is never still,” and so forth and so on. Finally, the argument grew so loud that Old Turtle, who hardly ever said anything, began to speak: “God is free as the wind AND still and solid as a great rock. Always close by, yet beyond the farthest twinkling light. Gentle and powerful, above all things and within all things, God is all that we dream of, and all that we seek,” said Old Turtle, “all that we come from and all that we can find. God IS.”

Sing to the Power finished their solar-powered oven out of a pizza box and some aluminum foil last week. They brainstormed ways to help reverse global warming, and also began discussing hospitality and learned through a game about what it might feel like for an immigrant who is prevented from coming into the country. When the weather is just right, they will bring their solar-powered oven outside and find out if they can cook s’mores with it! This week they will host Spirit Play for an all-RE gathering.

Breakfast Club joined Sing to the Power last week in working on the solar-powered oven. This week they will return to their own discussions of the powers we associate with the element air: Stillness, Presence, Silence, and Listening.

In stillness, the world is restored. — Lao Tzu

Nursery Care will be provided, as always.