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Stewardship: You are the “U” in community!

MaintaintheMomentumWe are on a roll! We have new faces in our pews and new programs in our meeting rooms. And we continue to maintain those elements of First Parish that have sustained us for 375 years. All this happens because we support First Parish with our donations.

Soon, the Stewardship Team will ask you for your commitment to help fund First Parish of Sudbury next year. Here are some things to know while you consider your pledge.

  • In 2015 we had $209,000 in pledges from 108 households. The average pledge was about $1960 and the median pledge was about $1400. Our very successful pledge match also generated over $24,000 in additional income.
  • Last year because of the pledge match we were able to fund an outreach and advertising campaign, which continues to spread our good news and aid our growth.
  • First Parish expects to spend about $297,000 next year. Most of our money (almost 65%) goes to salaries and benefits, and most of our money (about 75%) comes from pledges.
  • Even with belt-tightening, we need at least $218,000 in pledges to fund the same level of services as last year.
  • Our distribution of pledges is worrisome – we depend too heavily on a very few large donors.
  • Our congregation is vibrant and we continue to attract new members and families. We have a promising future, but we must fund it.

And some goals:

  • We want a balanced budget. It’s the responsible thing to do for our future.
  • We want to grow. Without continuing to fund a growth initiative, the number of households supporting First Parish will continue to decline, thereby increasing the per-household contribution needed to provide the services we enjoy now.
  • We have a terrific thing going here at First Parish. Let’s share our vision and mission and fun with more people!

So when you are asked during this pledge campaign, please give generously from your heart to maintain the momentum of our 375 year old congregation.