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First Parish “Gathering of Men” Saturday, Feb 27 10am-noon

steamrollerIn January the Gathering of Men had a great discussion about the relationships between violence, tribalism and hierarchy. For the February 27th Men’s group meeting we plan to delve deeper into what violence is exactly and what are its roots.

By some measures of crime and war, violence has never been lower in human history. But that may be due to a narrow definition of violence: the “hot violence” of mass shootings, wars, police action, going postal, terrorism, etc. Consider this analogy: hot violence is like the steam escaping from cracks in an overheated boiler. Our economic and social structures (the boiler) do suppress a huge amount of potential hot violence (escaping steam) but that suppression is itself a form of violence that needs to be counted. And what of violence against ecosystems and species, against air, sea and land, by our human economic system, interspecies violence that props up our way of life? By this measure is violence, instead of being low, rather at an extreme high? Is this violence a measure of our distance from our human nature and from Nature herself?

For February the men will explore this analogy. What heats the boiler? What is the boiler made from and is it in danger of exploding? Why do we need the boiler anyway and could/should we get rid of it? Is the energy in the boiler the main driver of civilization?

All are welcome.  Please join us Feb. 27th from 10-12 in the FPS library  for coffee, donuts and conversation as we consider these and other questions.

In case of weather cancellation–watch for an email to the Men’s Group list from Jim Gish or Tom Arnold.