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Committee on Ministry Update

The Committee oCOM boxn Ministry asked for, and is always looking for, suggestions in our new wonderful COM box and we will start by replying to one in particular. A member of our church community asked us for feedback on last year’s survey that many of you took. The survey results, as well as a condensed summary of those results are posted on the FPS Village website in the COM group’s documents section. Browsing those results makes for interesting reading on how some of your fellow parishioners feel about First Parish, what we’re doing, and where we’re going. Over the next few weeks we will try to focus on member feedback in last year’s survey.

Some of you reported concerns about our religious education program last year. In response, the church hired Chris Scheller, M.Div. this past fall. All of us attending Sunday services regularly are witness to some of the positive changes. First Parish now has approximately 15 new families and about 50 children and youth participating in our religious education program. This is up significantly from late last year when the program was struggling. Thanks to Chris and the many dedicated volunteers in our religious education program, this shared ministry is making a difference at First Parish.