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First Parish Morris Dancing



Did you know that First Parish Religious Education offers Morris Dancing? Started 20+ years ago by long-time member Tom Kruskal, there are two age groups.

Hop Brook Morris dancing welcomes all 4th-8th graders and meets from 11:45am – 1pm in the second floor Commons room next to the offices on the second floor.  They meet every Sunday and perform at festivals in the Spring. Tom teaches morris and sword dancing from the basics up so truly all are welcome!  If you have a friend you think might like morris dancing, bring them along.

Great Meadows Morris & Sword, a Rapper Sword and Morris dance performance team for teens is also looking for new members. Any teen (13 – 18) who is a good dancer, musical, or thinks they might be and wants to work on excellence in dancing is welcome. They meet on Sunday evenings from 4:45pm to 6:45pm, and encourage new dancers, as well, so please drop by to check it out!

What is Morris & Sword dancing? Morris dancing comes from the Cotswold region of England and is a springtime ritual dance done in the small agricultural villages around Cambridge and Oxford. The bells, sticks, and colorful costumes combine with the vigorous dancing to wake the earth and drive away the evil spirits of winter and guarantee a good crop that summer. Rapper sword is a fast paced dance done with flexible metal swords and comes from the coal mining communities of Northern England. These dances are hundreds of years old and were passed down through the generations to us today. There are many adult groups performing these dances, but we are one of the few kid’s teams.

For more information check out and contact Tom Kruskal, 978-443-8940,