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Tai Chi Tuesdays at 6pm

DP tai chiTom Yelton is leading a series of basic Tai Chi classes at 6pm on Tuesdays in the Commons at First Parish as long as there is interest. He will teach the motions of the Cheng Man Ching short form (example videos here and here) so that with practice you will be able to do it on your own with good form.  This short form is practical because it can be learned relatively quickly and can be practiced at the usual slow speed in only 10 minutes or less.

Tom will also teach methods for feeling and enhancing the flow of chi.  This is essential to the benefits of Tai Chi — without that it is just physical movement.

We may also touch on spiritual, mindfulness, martial and philosophical aspects
as we go along.

Please bring a notebook to take notes on.  The act of writing things down will help you remember the details and practice at home.