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Religious Education February 21st


African ElephantThis week in Spirit Play, the class will learn and think about the famous analogy made by the Buddha, who explained that truth is like an elephant, and we like the blind men proclaiming: “An elephant is like a tree,” said the man touching the elephant’s leg. “No it is like a fan,” said the man touching the elephant’s large ears.  “Any person with sense knows that an elephant is like a plow,” said the man touching the elephant’s tusk.  “They are like paint brushes,” said the man touching the tail. “No, you are all wrong, elephants are like snakes,” said the man touching the elephant’s trunk. If only we all could remember this important lesson!

In Sing to the Power this week the class will continue with the theme of the symbolism of fire as they learn about the power of passion, of allowing the heart to lead us to good actions. When we follow our passion for a more just world, we see amazing results. The children will learn how Hannah Salwen inspired her family’s decision to sell their mansion and give half the proceeds to a charity which they chose. Participants will practice advocating a cause they care deeply about. Then the group will choose a cause, and prepare to engage the congregation to support it. We hope you will be receptive to their request!

Breakfast Club has decided to explore more deeply the theme of silence. Silence is so precious. It helps us connect… to ourselves, each other, and the sacredness of all things.

Nursery care will be provided, as always.