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Being Mortal–a program offered by the FPS Pastoral Associates


Elderly couple holding hands outdoors.

Whether you see it as an ending or a grand adventure, death waits for each of us and all of our loved ones. Despite medical advances, our expectations, and our death-denying culture, we are born both to live and to die. How we care for those at the end of life and how we ourselves die is often within our control – if we understand what is coming and take steps to prepare.

Whether you are 25 for 85, facing our fears around end of life and understanding our options can be incredibly freeing and life-affirming. Together, members of our community will come together to explore this topic that is both frightening and fascinating. We will support each other as we learn what we can do to support others in their end of life journey or contemplate our own.

Our first meeting will be an overview of the program and an introduction to the topic. All are welcome. Please bring your whole self – your experiences, your fears, your knowledge, your innocence, and – most of all – your open mind.

After our introductory meeting, we will hold two tracks: one for those who wish to explore their own mortality and a second for those who are or may in the future care for someone with a life-limiting illness or condition. Participants are encouraged to attend all four sessions of the track they choose – or to attend all 8 sessions.