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Religious Education on January 24th

heart in hand clipartNursery care will be available this Sunday, as always, for our children younger than 4.
Spirit Play (approx. 4-6 yr. olds) has been moving through our 7 UU principles through the rainbow promises: Respect all people; offer fair and kind treatment; yearn to accept and learn; grow by exploring; believe in our ideas and act on them; insist on freedom, justice and peace; and valuing our Earth. They have also been learning about other religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism around the holidays. This Sunday will be the 7th principle: valuing our Earth. The story will be the Great Kapok tree.
Sing to the Power (approx. 2nd – 6th grade) has been exploring the powers of air this winter. We tend to think of power in terms of “doing”—pushing and acting. Yet sometimes we express our power most effectively with focused, open-hearted listening. The power of air is the power of listening, of not only hearing what others have to say but also factoring their experience into our world views and choices. This week they’ll learn about the power of listening.
Breakfast Club  (7th and 8th grade) is interested in the powers of air, as well, this winter. Last week they discussed the multiple meanings of prayer and made prayer flags to hang with those made by other RE classes outside the church. This week they will hear about acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton, who, in the process of recording the sounds of nature, has become an activist preserving silence — places where there are no human-made sounds. Through both practicing silence themselves and by listening intently to the sounds around them and sounds drawn from nature, they will explore the importance of silence for themselves.
Youth Group (9th – 12th grade) will not be meeting this Sunday due to midterms. Good luck on your exams!