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Committee on Ministry

jumping for joyYour COM is focused on a healthy and vibrant ministry at FP.   In order to do this effectively, we need to hear from you. Tom Kruskal is our chair this year. He reminds us that many of us work hard at FP, but we must also bring joy into our lives. How can we help you create joy at FP?

In her book, Churchworks: A Well-Body Book for Congregations Rev. Anne Heller, district executive of the Pacific Northwest District, writes: “Committees on Ministry are designed to track the heartbeat of ministry within a congregation; how the members…take care of themselves and each other, how the lay ministerial leadership serves a congregation; and how the called minister serves the congregation. It seeks to understand, assess, support, and advocate for robust ministry throughout the context of congregational life”

Please feel free to contact any of us on COM, Tom Kruskal, Cilla Reising, Scott Prince and Celia Hinrichs. We are available by email, phone and at most coffee hours on Sunday.