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Thank you from the RE program

RE Prayer Flags for 2016

RE Prayer Flags for 2016

The RE program had a wonderful holiday season to add to a great year thus far of growth, community building, service, and learning. Thanks to everyone who brought in their recycled gifts, we had a very successful Simple Gifts Exchange, not only during Religious Education, but for the whole church. Thanks especially to Fran Sharp, Leslie Lowe, Ginny Doxsey, Bettie Rose, Jeanne Johnstone, Sonia Prince, Amy Prince, and Ellen Breau for their help organizing and running the event, setting and cleaning up, baking cookies, and driving the remaining items for donation! On behalf of the RE program and everyone in the community who participated, Thank you!

Then we had our first interfaith Christmas Eve Pageant, complete with a Japanese Sun Goddess to celebrate the Winter Solstice, and the miraculous birth stories of the Buddha and Christ. We had so many volunteers and assistants! Thanks especially to Susan Rosenblum and Sally Sweitzer, our co-chairs of the RE committee, Mark and Jordan Trone, Oliver and Luka Willett, Pat Burkhardt, Marilyn Frazer, and Chloe and Abby Bridgemohan for their help in planning and running the event, costuming, and stage managing. Thanks to Debra and the Andrews family for the beautiful music, Tom Yelton our videographer, and Fran and Rev. Marjorie, as always.

And of course so many thank you’s to our regular RE guides, without whom nothing would be possible: Katie Sobkowicz, Sheila Murphy, Abby Bridgemohan, Anna Curnan-LaCava, Bailey Prince, Oliver Willett, Marilyn Frazer, Pat Burkhardt, Karen Neurath, and our RE committee Sally Sweitzer, Susan Rosenblum, and Fred Rust. Leslie Lowe and Karen Neurath provided training to our newer Spirit Play teachers this year and helped get the program up and running. Luka Willett, Sherene Aram, Jeanne Johnstone, Sara Hartman, Brian White, Amy Prince, Sonia Prince, and Chloe Bridgemohan, thank you for being guides this year. May we all continue in this great work. Indeed it takes a village to run an RE program!

On behalf of the RE program,

Thank you!
This past Sunday, the RE program created prayer flags with our prayers for the community and the world, hanging them by the entrance to the church. These are our prayers and thank you’s!
Best wishes to everyone for the new year.