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Emergency Closing Info–First Parish of Sudbury

Winter landscape with frosty trees and bushes

As we enter the winter months, we want you to know how to determine if our Sunday service has been cancelled due to inclement weather.

First and foremost, please use your own judgment. If it is snowy and icy, even if you have volunteered to usher or help on Sunday morning in another way, only come if you feel it is safe. Individual circumstances vary.

To find out if worship at First Parish is cancelled:

By phone—check the recorded message at the First Parish number, 978-443-2043.

First Parish website—Go to The front page will show any emergency closing of our worship services and other meetings (as long as there is electricity to change the website).

By television—Tune in to WBZ-TV and watch the scrolling message at the bottom of the screen for cancellation of Sunday worship service only. (Other events cancellations cannot be listed.) If you think a meeting or event might be cancelled, please contact the coordinator/leader.

Safety first.