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Secret Santa program begins at First Parish of Sudbury

boy_with_christmas_presentNames are available at social hour (the next few Sundays) of MetroWest and Sudbury children whose parents need our help in making Christmas a joyous day for their kids.  We encourage you to pick the name of a child or children (and what each would like or need), buy and wrap a gift for them, and bring the gift back to First Parish no later than December 20.  However, we would appreciate receiving the gifts a week earlier – on December 13.

All presents must be newly purchased, wrapped, and delivered to First Parish in a bag. The slip with the child’s name should be firmly attached to the bag. Please do not leave a present unattended in the parish hall (except on the morning BEFORE a Sunday service).  If you would like to participate but don’t like to shop, they will be accepting monetary donations to buy gift certificates for some of the older teens. Thank you!

For more information, contact Fran in the office.