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Simple Gifts

recycle regift refocusWe’ve set a date! On Sunday December 20th, the whole congregation will have the opportunity to participate in a time-honored tradition at First Parish — Simple Gifts. To make this work we need your help! In the next few weeks, please search your homes and closets for items still in great condition that you would be willing to give away, that might make a good gift for another, and bring them in to the DRE’s office. We also need donations of gift boxes, wrapping paper, newspaper, maps, posters for wrapping, ribbons, string, tags, bags, etc. Bring them in any time and drop them off with Fran or right into the DRE office. On the morning of December 20th, kids will meet together for RE in the Commons and we’ll learn about the spirituality and intentions of gift giving both in our traditions and others, and then migrate downstairs to Parish Hall where they will “shop” for gifts that match the needs of loved ones (not for themselves) and then wrap the gifts in the library. When adults come downstairs after the service, there will be some additional treats like cookies and hot chocolate, and the whole congregation can “shop” the gifts. So search your house for unneeded gems and bring in your donated gifts! And please email Chris at if you’re interested in volunteering to help sort, organize the event flow, or drive any remaining gifts to a donation center after the event.