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Letter Writing Session on Single-Payer Health Care

Those of you who support a single-payer health care plan may want to write letters to your Massachusetts legislators and to members of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing at Social Hour on Sunday,November 16. The names of your legislators, form letters and envelopes will be available, as will  stationery to write your own letters if you wish.

There are three single-payer related bills. They are: the Medicare for All bill (H. 2016/S.579) — the bill that would establish a single-payer system; the Act to Establish A Public Health Insurance Option (H.1033/S.604) — the bill that, if passed and implemented, would show what a publicly financed health insurance system could achieve; and An Act to Ensure Effective Cost Control (S.965/S647) —the bill that asks for a three-year comparison of our present system with the cost of a single-payer system, and if the single-payer system is shown to be more cost effective, would trigger the process to implement a single-payer system.