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Ministry of Hospitality

flowers and coffee clipartDo you think of yourself as a minister? Of course, the Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty is our settled Minister with a capital M. But, at First Parish of Sudbury we have a shared ministry. We care for one another in times of need and on Sunday mornings we serve one another is so many ways–through music, spoken words, greeting and ushering, and even through helping to make our worship life beautiful and meaningful.

Two ways to help, that may seem small, but have a big impact, are providing flowers for the front table in the sanctuary, and hosting social hour.

Flowers–just sign up on the board in the Parish Hall or contact Fran in the office with offers to bring flowers. They just need to be in place by 9:30 on your Sunday morning, and can be taken home afterward. If you would like to dedicate your flowers in honor or memory of someone, that wording can appear in the order of worship for that Sunday.

Social Hour hosting--if you can make coffee one Sunday and bring cream and milk, or you can bring other snacks–sweet or savory, just sign up on the Parish Hall board, or contact Fran. She can provide more instructions about coffee and food. If you are new to the coffeemaking role, you can be paired with an experienced coffee maker.

So, please consider this for this Sunday, Nov. 8 (we have no one signed up for coffee or hosting) and please have a look at the sign up board and pick a date or two that works for you.

Thank to all of you ministers!