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Film Showing Friday Nov. 13 7pm “Out at Work”

out at work

Film Showing Friday Nov. 13 7pm “Out at Work”

This film showing is sponsored by our Welcoming Congregation Committee. The public is very welcome. There is no admission charge, there will be ample time for discussion following the film, and popcorn will be served.

Robert Hawk, of the Sundance Film Festival, says,  “Filled with humor, insight and moving fervor, OUT AT WORK offers a stirring experience for all of us.”

OUT AT WORK  chronicles the stories of three workers who seek workplace safety, job security and benefits for gay and lesbian workers.  It vividly illustrates what happens when LGBT people are not legally protected from employment discrimination, and exposes once and for all the lie that gay people’s rights are “special rights” with stories that  are both ordinary and inspiring.

Walter Goodman, of the New York Times, says the film is “A close-up of how deeply feelings against homosexuals can still reach, and how vicious they can be.”