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Music Notes….



Also mark your calendars for the following musical events coming up in November and December!

Nov 8 and Dec 13   HYMN SINGS at 9:45. I will be leading Hymn Sings preceding the morning service. The goal is to have fun singing favorite or new hymns of YOUR choosing and also to give some instruction about reading the musical roadmaps and what the “signs” mean. Come, sit up close and gather around the piano as we explore our hymnals. Bring your ideas too. If you have an idea for a hymn that is not in our hymnal talk to me in advance about the possibility of using it and teaching it to the congregation.

Nov 15   INTERGEN CHOIR    We will be having our first INTERGEN CHOIR where singers of ALL ages are being invited to come together in song. A simple, easily learned song will be given out to listen/sing to at home in preparation. Then on the 15th we will gather for a rehearsal at 9:15 before the service to put it all together. What could be better than singing all together and giving each other the gift of song!

Nov 22     MUSIC SUNDAY We are presenting a collection of pieces all based on the theme “Honoring Mother Earth”, everything from feeling the earth beneath our feet, listening to the rain, to viewing the earth from an untethered spacewalk.