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Religious Education this Sunday October 4

kids clipartIn RE this Sunday children aged 6-months to 4 are invited to play in our nursery. Children 4-6 are invited to our Spirit Play class, where we will continue introducing our seven rainbow principles through story telling, creative play, and arts and crafts.  Older children still in grade school are invited to join our Sing to the Power class, where we will be exploring how we can create positive change in the world through the power of connection. 7th and 8th graders are invited to join the Breakfast Club. The high school youth group will meet at noon, after social hour.

Our first teacher training of the year will be on October 4th from 2-3pm, in the Commons room. Please consider occasional or substitute assistant teaching in Religious Education classes this year — we currently need help in both the Spirit Play class for 4-6 year-olds and Sing to the Power for children up through sixth grade, as well as occasional nursery care providers. All adults and youth interested are encouraged to attend. Please come even if you might only be willing to help out once or twice. Parents of any children participating in religious education this year are encouraged to attend to learn about the programs and to be available as occasional helpers. Please RSVP to . We need to know if it would be helpful to provide daycare. Please include in the RSVP if you need daycare for your children while you attend the training.

PLAYGROUND RULES at the First Parish of SudburyThe playground is a wonderful resource for our church, and it is available for use during social hour. Near the start of every year, it is a good idea to (re)familiarize ourselves with the rules of the playground. Once religious education group finishes on Sundays around 11:15am, parents are responsible for supervising their children on the playground. Children need to be supervised by a parent or an adult at all times. Children need to stay within sight of a supervising adult.

Please use the playground equipment properly. Please do not climb on playground equipment when it is wet or icy.

Please wear proper footwear – bare feet or flip-flops are dangerous when running or climbing.

The sandbox is not for our use, it belongs to the Sudbury Extended Day program. Please do not uncover it or move the weights holding the cover down.

Please use the toys in the bin marked “FP Sudbury” and not those in the locked storage bins belonging to SED. Return all toys to the FP Sudbury bin before leaving the playground.

Sticks, rocks or snowballs are not permitted in or around the playground area.

Please do not run, push or shove. Please do not climb the trees.

Please be respectful – in both words and actions – of others, yourself, the environment and the building.

Let’s cooperate and use the equipment safely for the

enjoyment of everyone in our First Parish community!