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Living Our Faith: writing legislators

During Social Hour this coming Sunday we shall have the first of monthly sessions when we can write to our  legislators about a particular bill or bills. Please look for the letter-writing table under the Faith in Action bulletin board.These sessions are being arranged because responses to our Living Our Faith Survey showed that some of us want to be more active legislatively.
This month the letters have been prepared and are awaiting your signatures, and the envelopes will be ready for you to address. The bills are those for which the CWG (congregational working group) of UUMassAction have been advocating. All are related to ending the effect of the Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling. They are:
H.3127, The We the People Act; H.933 and S.53, bills that request a MA constitutional amendment relative to corporate rights and political spending.
If you have bills that you think should be the subject of future letter-writing sessions, and are willing to prepare the needed information,  please contact Judy Deutsch.