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FPS Women’s Alliance Kicks Off New Year

Womenwomen meeting’s Alliance Kick Off Meeting is Tuesday, September 8 @ 7pm in the Brackett Room

Our first Alliance meeting this fall is Tuesday, Sept 8; that’s the day after Labor Day.  If YOU come, that will help assure we have a quorum; then we can vote on grant proposals, ratify the elections from last May, and conduct other business.

We expect to vote on a grant proposal from Debra M-B for music folders for the choir.

If YOU need a ride, reach out to Carolyn or Sara and we’ll help you find one.  If you know of someone that may need a ride, please reach out to them or suggest that to us.

We will meet with the business meeting starting at 7pm in the Brackett Room.  Those who can make it by 6:30 will have an earlier start on the potluck.

At this meeting we expect to plan programs for the year. We’re striving to have more programmatic content this year.  So far Lulu C and Alorie P have indicated they will do a program, dates not settled.  Other suggestions are always welcome, especially with volunteers to put the program together.

We are looking for leaders, volunteers or suggestions, for both the November 1-day retreat (Sat., Nov. 7) and the April weekend (Fri-Sun, April 8-10, 2016) retreat.

This year we are conducting an experiment.  ALL Alliance meetings will be on the 8th of the month, no matter what day of the week.  That way no one will always have a conflict!

To keep up with program plans, etc., all women are encourage to join the Women’s Alliance Group on the Village website.


Alliance Executive Committee (Peg E, Sara H, AnnMarie L and Carolyn L)