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Being Agents for Change, by Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty

helping handsIn the wake of more race-based killing last week in Charleston, South Carolina I am just befuddled at why and how one finds the motivation to hate enough to kill. We have seen death across this country over the year from Ferguson to New York and even two members of our own Sudbury community murdered. How can people hate enough to kill? I once thought that it was fear of difference that motivated one to kill or maybe psychopathic tendencies but this killing last Wednesday night, during a prayer meeting, was an act of racist hate plain and simple.

What can we do as Unitarian Universalists from New England? Teach, practice and share compassion and tolerance within our community and the larger world. We can reach out to people who are different from us who are probably fearful, for good reason, with loving kindness in the wake of this atrocity. We can work towards anti-racism and developing a multi-cultural perspective, we can work for justice, but we must begin in our own hearts. We must root out our own inherent racist beliefs and expose them for what they are–a form of oppression. We can remind our friends and loved ones that murder of any kind is unacceptable and work toward changing a culture that kills.

My friends, it seems like every week we see such atrocities in the news and we become numb to the reality that humankind is beyond saving, that we cannot expect better, that we are unable to build a world that expects more from its citizens. Beloved, we cannot afford to expect less. We must demand more.

Do not let this news and all the news that we see crush our spirits. Instead, allow it to galvanize our resolve to be an agent for change creating a kindler gentler world filled with loving-kindness.

Peace be with you over this next month.

Rev. Marjorie