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May 10 in RE: Joseph Son of Jacob

JACOB-AND-JOSEPHWith the story of Joseph we can explore family relationships, dreams, and the many ways our lives change.  How are you different from the person you were last year?  What life-changing events have you gone through or heard about?  Have you ever had a dream that seemed especially important?

And then, after RE, we’ll all go outside for one of the most beautiful and enjoyable of our congregation’s annual celebrations – the Maypole.  All we have to do is move around the Maypole in a simple way, and the colored ribbons we hold are woven around the pole to make a beautiful pattern.May Pole FPS May 1, 2004

Friendship Finders ages 3-5 with Sonia Prince.
UU Explorers ages 6-12 with Ginny Steel and Oliver Willett – The story of Joseph.
Breakfast Club ages 13-15 with Marilyn Frazer and Pat Burkhardt

At 11:15am everyone is invited to dance around the Maypole out on the playground.