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April 26 In RE: Noah’s Ark

Noahs-ark-007Two weeks ago we explored the first two stories in the Bible – the story of creation and the story of Adam and Eve. This Sunday we¹ll get acquainted with Noah. OK – you know that Noah had to take two of each kind of animal into the Ark. But why an Ark? This is just one of many stories of a great flood – why? Was the punishment in this story fair? What makes any punishment fair or unfair? What was the covenant that God made with Noah after the flood? What did the rainbow mean in the story? What other covenants do you know about? The UU Explorers (children ages 4-12) and Breakfast Club (youth ages 13-14) are invited to join Ginny and Oliver.

Sonia and Abby will lead the Friendship Finders (children ages 2-4 ) in the Library.

Michelle will be in the Nursery nook in the Parish Hall to care for babies.

Babies, children and youth are welcome to stay with their family in the sanctuary.

Thanks to today’s Sunday Helpers:

Ginny Steel, Oliver Willett, Sonia Prince, Abby Bridgemohan and Michelle Stolow