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March 29 In RE: Palm Sunday – What’s the Story?

Palm-SundayYes, it will be Palm Sunday, but what’s the story behind the palms? And what’s that about Jesus throwing some people out of the temple? Who were they, and why was he so angry with them? What does the “Last Supper” mean? Who was there? What did they talk about? Wasn’t Jesus killed at Easter time? Then why do we celebrate with signs of new life, like eggs and chicks, flowers and bunnies – and chocolate? Where does the “good” in Good Friday come from? If this sounds interesting, we hope you’ll join the UU Explorers (ages 6-12)/Breakfast Club (ages 13-14) and their guides, Ginny and Oliver, as we share some special foods, overturn some tables and debate some big questions.

Babies and all children are welcome to stay with their family in the sanctuary. Unfortunately today we have no nursery caregiver or Friendship Finders (ages 3-5) teachers, but you may go to the nursery nook in the Parish Hall where you can listen to the service while your child plays with toys.