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Committee on Ministry – Survey

Committee on Ministry

Your Committee On Ministry (COM) has been diligently working on developing and refining a Survey which will help us better understand our collective ministry at FPS . The results of the last COM Survey, done in 2010 and the Ministerial Search Surveys done in 2011, 1997 and 1986 are available at in the Village under References documents for anyone who might be interested. The new 2015 Survey will be up and running by April 1 st, available to take online or in paper form. We will send out a separate email with the survey link and the link will be available in the village. Please take time to do the Survey. The more input we receive, the more valuable the information. Cilla Reising will be out in force gently reminding you.
The Committee on Ministry:  Liz Rust, Jan Hardenbergh, Tom Kruskal, Cilla Reising