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Rainbow Chalice

Sustaining Abundance ~ Giving from your heart

In March, the Stewardship Team will launch the 2015 Pledge Campaign which will fund First Parish of Sudbury’s operations for next year. Our finances and our community are healthy. The success of the campaign helps ensure our future financial health, and sustains our culture of generosity and abundance. More than 75% of our budget comes from pledges. Promising to contribute money is an important way our members support our community and our shared vision. Without your generosity we cannot pay our staff, maintain our meetinghouse, fund our outreach to the world, or even plow our parking lot.

Pledge match

This year we are fortunate to have an anonymous donor who will match, dollar-for-dollar, all increases in pledges. Here’s your chance to make a big difference in next year’s vision.

How will we spend our money?  Our first responsibility is to fund our current operating expenses with a balanced budget. In addition, the Board of Trustees’ financial vision for next year includes money to greatly expand our outreach to new members. We’ve got something wonderful here at FPS – let’s invite others to join us. These are the basics for keeping First Parish of Sudbury vibrant. If you believe, as I do, that our world NEEDS the values and connections fostered by Unitarian Universalist congregations like ours, then please, let your checkbook speak of your commitment.

Find out more

Unitarian Universalist congregations are committed to financial transparency and member involvement. There will be opportunities to learn more about First Parish’s finances and other opportunities to give input about how we fund our vision. Watch the mail for your pledge packet. Attend one of the Finance Q&A sessions sponsored by FinCom.