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Thanks again to the many members (45+ adults and youth) who have contributed to the development of the FPS strategic plan. Our goal is to determine what direction we want to go long term and why, and how best to get there.  FPS Strategic Plan Framework 2014

We began in January of 2014 brainstorming with the Trustees to prepare for a meeting of the congregation in March 2014. This 5-hour meeting generated strong ideas for strategies and activities, as well as vivid images of what FPS can be. Additionally, Susan Curnan and I met with the youth group in June at Ferry Beach to engage them in the planning process – again with excellent ideas to put into action and lots of congruence with information generated in the earlier sessions. The Trustees took all of this information and distilled it into a one-page overarching framework. We also have kept all of the ideas from the congregation and youth meetings to use as appropriate in more detailed planning and have made these available to the committees.

So, what’s happening in 2015?

The Trustees are working on two tracks. The first is to pilot the development of concrete action plans with two committees: Religious Education and Community and Hospitality. The aim of this step is to have the committees select one or two strategies from the overarching plan and use them as a guide for planning out several concrete activities that will help us achieve the results we collectively want. This stage of the work is happening now through the Spring of 2015.  With what we learn from these pilots, we will then implement action planning with all of the committees.  We also plan to step out annual benchmarks or short-term outcomes that will provide more specific direction for achieving the long-term outcomes. Finally, we will revisit the strategic framework as a whole in late spring and make adjustments as needed.

The second track of our work is to build on the work of Trustees who came before us and make sure that we stay focused on the future of FPS.  This means that we are disciplining ourselves to delegate responsibilities for activity-related decisions to the staff, committees, or other individuals as may be appropriate, and working at the strategy level. We know this must be done in a deliberate manner, and are taking care to do this thoughtfully.