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A New Year’s Message from Rev. Marjorie

revmarjorieIn thinking about my New Year’s resolution, “build core strength and maintain balance in mind, body and spirit” I turned to an article in Lifehack, an online news source that offered three steps to help one develop a strategy to follow through on one’s resolution. The first step begins with making attainable and specific goals, maybe even break each goal up into stages for easier completion. Secondly, share the resolution and goals with others which may be a bit more motivational knowing that a friend or loved one is watching and helping us toward success. And my favorite step, reward one’s self when she or he reach a specific stage en route to the goal. Well, I got the “sharing my resolution” part done. Is it time for a reward yet?

I have several goals with regard to First Parish. One is two-fold: First, engage members in sharing their “spiritual” journeys with one another. The word “spiritual” is in quotes because not everyone might consider their life journey to necessarily be “spiritual.” Second, engage in some interesting conversations around various topics. With these goals in mind I have begun to plan some programs for adults and youth focused on the following topics:

Journey of Discovery Sessions

  • Feb 15 – Is God Really Dead?
  • March 15 – Why Soul? (discussion of spiritual versus religious and if there is such a thing as soul)
  • March 29 – Holy Week A Guide to Contemporary Life
  • April 26 – Civility: A Spiritual Practice
  • May 31 – Sowing the Seeds of Transformation

Each session will have a selected member sharing their beliefs and life interests, a multi-media presentation about the selected topic, and conversation starter questions. More information will be coming soon, including times and locations. I hope you will add these dates to your calendar and plan to participate.

Beginning a new year can be both an exciting and a daunting proposition with all the opportunities and possibilities for the year still “on the table.” I believe that the one thing that can stall or stop me from attaining my goals is myself. In last Sunday’s sermon I offered the following mantra, “Change your self-talk and change your life” I truly believe that our self-talk can make us or break us so I invite us to be mindful of what we are saying to ourselves and what we are saying to one another. I invite us to begin this New Year in Love with the goal of finding ways to support one another rather than trying to find ways to feel supported – it is a subtle yet important shift that can transform one’s life. Now is the time to step forward to support the community that has supported and cared about it members for centuries. This year I invite us all to get more involved, because we need each and every one of us on this journey of discovery. We need your help to imagine and develop our goals for First Parish, we need you to attend and participate in the adult/youth experiences (such as described above), and try something new at First Parish such as the Seekers Potlucks (held the first Saturday of each month), meditation on Thursdays, or yoga on Tuesday mornings. This New Year is in your hands… what might you decide to do with it and how can I help you?

Peace and Happy New Year!

Rev. Marjorie