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Escalating Inequalities

Escalating Inequality Series

Beginning Sunday

January 4, at 11:30 am

As everyone knows, there is an extreme inequality of income and wealth in our nation. You may remember that our Congregation voted to have Escalating Inequality voted as the Congregational Study Action Issue at the last UUA General Assembly. As a result of this vote, the UUs for A Just Economic Community have prepared a study guide that illuminates economic inequality in the United States and in its historical and global context. It also gives ideas for action and solicits yours.

The six regular sessions, which will be preceded by a short organizational session, are: 1-How Inequality Drives Injustice; 2-The Deep Roots of Inequality; 3-Escalating Economic, Political and Social Inequality in the United States; 4-Income, Taxes, Regulations, Trade; 5-Ownership, Debt, Democracy, Public Services, 6-ActionsTo Achieve A Shared Society.

Participants will be expected to read some selections and report on them. They will also be invited to suggest related topics and readings. Our six regular 2-hour sessions will start on January 4 at 11:30 am in the Brackett Room and continue on Sundays through February 15.  Please bring coffee or tea from social hour and your bag lunch. If you know that you are coming, please inform me so that I shall have enough study guides to distribute.