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December 14 in RE – Three Miraculous Births

220px-Astasahasrika_Prajnaparamita_Queen_Maya_BirthMichelle will be in the nursery in the Parish Hall for the Chalice babies.

The Breakfast Club (13-14 yr olds) will meet with Marilyn and Pat in the Brackett Room.

This week in class, Sonia will be telling the UU Explorers (4-12yr olds) about the Three Miraculous Births of Jesus, Buddha and Confucius. Amy, JoAnne and Abby will be here to help you with an art project. Please bring in just 1 cup of your favorite healthy snack to help replenish the Stone Snack. Every time we make the snack it will be different. Come contribute and enjoy with us. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.