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November 23 in RE – The Flaming Chalice – UU Service Committee

November 23 – The Flaming Chalice – UU Service Committee

This week in class, Karen and Leslie will be telling you a story about the UU Service Committee.   Sometimes we call it “The UUSC Truck story”. You’ll learn about the symbol of the Flaming Chalice. Sonia, Oliver and Abby will be here to help you with a project, which will be something that your family can use at the dinner table for special occasions. Besides that, we do need your help with one thing. What is your favorite healthy snack? Popcorn? pretzels? Cheerios? raisins? chocolate chips? sunflower seeds? Nuts? If each of you brings in a cup of your favorite snack, we can combine them all to make one grand snack. It will be a Stone Soup Snack and that brings us to another old tale that some of you may know already.  We’ll taste our unique concoction at the end of class and will bring some down to the adults at Social Hour.

We’re looking forward to seeing you Sunday at 10 am.

All the best from your RE guides,
Leslie, Karen, Sonia, Oliver, and Abby