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October 19 in RE – A Special Welcome to MCC!

sneetches2This week we will be joined by the children and youth from the Memorial Congregational Church of Sudbury. Preschoolers through grade 8 from will gather together to explore the topic of how our congregations and faiths are the same and how they are different. We will use Dr. Seuss’ story, The Sneetches, to help us expand the idea of accepting others and overcoming seeming differences.






IMG_20141012_201133723Our Spread the Bread Loaves from October 12!

During children’s RE last week we prepared loaves of pumpkin raisin and banana chocolate chip breads to take to the Turning Point Shelter in Framingham. Our bakers created a card for each loaf with a cheery message, and the breads were baked and wrapped in seasonal orange tissue paper for delivery.