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You Rock!!!

Okay, I admit it my feet are slightly sore after walking through Boston, Newton and Cambridge on Sunday, May 4th. However, it was well worth the effort as First Parish of Sudbury was the 8th largest fundraising team to participate in the Walk for Hunger! Last year a few stalwart souls walked but on Sunday we were 40+ people strong walking and volunteering. I wouldn’t say that it was hard work but it was work that required one step in front of the other to get where we needed to go. In many ways the effort we put forth this last Sunday is a metaphor for the effort that so many of the members and friends have offered throughout this year. Having just completed my annual report I was amazed at all that we have begun and accomplished. It takes all of us to make it happen. I believe that one of the biggest accomplishments thus far is that the shortfall in the budget this last year never really arrived and we have come away from the budgeting process with the goal of a balanced budget and it looks like we are going to achieve that goal. My friends, I told you this year that you were financially not that far off and that First Parish of Sudbury was in good shape. We worked hard this year, especially the Stewardship Team, to bridge the gap and we have succeeded and that is good news indeed!

There is so much more to be done! To begin with we have two staff members transitioning Donna and Roberta and I would like us to celebrate their leave-taking with gratefulness. Roberta Altamari will be staying on with us but in a different role so we will not be seeing her on Sundays and I for one will miss her. Donna Scalcione will be transitioning from staff back into the congregation, she has worked hard for the congregation for the last six years and I know that it has been much appreciated! We are still sorting out our “shift in roles” party so stay tuned for more information. Over the next several weeks we will be seeking two new staff members a Congregational Administrator, a role which we have filled and will be sharing more information about in the very near future and a Director of Religious Education which we are interviewing candidates for presently. Your leadership is working hard to bring it all together for you the members and friends of First Parish.

I know that I promised that we would slow down a bit and in May for the most part we will but here are a few highlights over the next several weeks to get on your calendars: appreciation Sunday will be on May 18th all are encouraged to attend with a special treat after worship (well at least I hope it will be a treat) I will be making pancakes, our annual meeting will be take place after worship on June 1st, flower communion will take place on June 8th, we will be working on the Habitat for Humanity build in Wayland on June 14th, and attending the Unitarian Universalist Associations General Assembly in Rhode Island at the end of June. All of these events will be fun to participate in and offer opportunities to get to know one another and broaden our community. What an incredible way to begin summer services!

I have to say as we move into May and the flowers are starting the bloom and the bees are a buzzing it is mind boggling how fast time has flown. It was just a year ago last week that we first met and that it was clear that we would begin a journey together. I feel blessed that I am with you at FPS and I hope that you feel something similar. This congregation of individuals is what makes this meetinghouse come alive and the work that we choose to do in the world makes it a little bit better for all. I am so proud of what we have done together this year this congregation rocks in the best way possible.

Thank you for being you and for all that you do every single day!


Rev. Marjorie