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Boomer Folk / Daisy Flowerchild and the Leftovers

The Coffee House on the Rocky Plain Presents

Saturday March 8, 2014

Boomer Folk

Daisy Flowerchild and the Leftovers

Music, music, music and great food to boot! Mark your calendar for the March 8th Coffee House. Featured performers are Boomer Folk (you heard them here Nov. 2012) and Daisy Flowerchild and the Leftovers. They’ll be singing 60’s rock and folk music. Homemade cakes, pies and other gastronomic wonders will be served in a cozy atmosphere. Come early to settle in at your favorite table or snuggle on a comfy couch.

Doors open 6:30pm for tickets and refreshments
Music begins at 7pm
$12 general admission, $8 students, $4 children under 12
Benefits First Parish Sudbury and Music School  Cusco, Peru

For information on the artists:
Boomer Folk –
Daisy Flowerchild –


IMG_6166 Boomer cropLocal performer Perry Desmond-Davies has established Boomer Folk, a new ensemble of supremely talented musicians, all successful in their own right, to play a great mix of their own original music as well as popular cover tunes for “our generation”.

The Boomers are: Perry Desmond-Davies, Marc Bridge joined by Others (in the past others have included Alan Cath, and Jon McAuliffe, accompanied by Jackie Damsky on violin, Steve Rapson on bass and Phil Punch on percussion).

Be prepared to sing along with songs you know and love!

daisyflowerchildDaisy Flowerchild (and the Leftovers) are two brothers and their (slightly) older sister who were raised on a subsistence chicken farm in the wilds of Montana. Some time around 1973 their only radio broke and since they could not get new tubes for it out in the wilds, they have heard no new songs since.

Lately they have been evicted from the farm by the government to make way for a nerf gun testing facility. Having very few saleable skills, actually no saleable skills, they are wandering around the country playing the only 6 songs they know, pitching Amway and selling other people’s CD’s.

They hope to save up enough money to get their Gremlin out of hock and maybe pay the ransom on their older brother Jon who was kidnapped by the Tenorluna Indians and brought to Pennsylvania. Enjoy the music and the Amway.

In the real world Daisy Flowerchild and the Leftovers are Betsi Mandrioli, John Ferullo, and Bob Morse. They are all fine musicians, who also perform individually. Betsi and John are singer/songwriters who play guitar and also perform as the duo “Two Cat Folk”. Bob is a fine blues guitar player with a great voice. In this trio formation they recapture songs of the 70’s and delight their audiences!

Come be part of the folk music scene, a New England tradition throughout the greater UU community. Proceeds benefit FPS as well as Don Arte, a music program in Cusco, Peru for disadvantaged children.

Doors open 6:30pm for tickets and refreshments
Music begins at 7:00pm
$12 general admission, $8 students, $4 children under 12


First Parish of Sudbury Unitarian Universalist
327 Concord Road, Sudbury, MA 01776
Web Site:
The Coffee House on the Rocky Plain is dedicated to showcasing emerging local musical talent.