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Connector October 16, 2013



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Minister’s Column by Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty

image014The Fall is my favorite season… Okay wait… I do love the summer as well, but there is something about the cooler weather, the trees changing color and then the leaves slowly falling from the trees in their multi-colored splendor that just takes my breath away. The interesting thing about the leaves is that they are a large community that lives in symbiotic relationship with a tree. Each leaf has its distinct life and characteristics and yet is part of the larger whole. Individual leaves respond to moisture, temperature, and hormonal feedback from its environment and the tree. This can all be understood in the science of trees and leaves. I remember during an entry level science course that I once took we learned about the plant hormone abscisic acid. It is abscisic acid, when triggered, that isolates individual leaves from the tree removing the flow of chloroform, which is what turns the leaf a different color. Abscisic acid is what severs and then heals the bond between the tree and leaf, and thus the leaves fall to the ground and the tree remains intact. The fallen leaves act as a bed of mulch which protects and feeds the roots of the tree in inclement weather. As the colder weather sets in, abscisic acid slowly moves from one leaf to another and from one tree to another enabling us to see the gradual turn of color as each leaf and tree responds to the call of Fall.

Using the tree as a symbol, also known as the tree of life, is prevalent in many of the world religions and “has been used in science, philosophy, and mythology. The tree of life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies. It alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense.” ( In Judaism, one can see the Kabbalah, which is a representation of this tree of life and also is considered to be a sacred geometric symbol. Sacred geometry can be found on ancient artifacts and mathematically elucidates our interconnection with one another and the cosmos. The most basic sacred geometric symbol is referred to as the seed of life and contains the pattern, which when continued literally grows to become the tree.

The theme for this month’s worship is Our Interdependent Web… And the question that should be on our minds is, “How do we each fit into the larger universal picture?” I like to imagine that we are each like one of those leaves… That we are each part of a larger whole, which is First Parish, and we work together to take care of the whole but in our own unique ways and with, at times, colorful flair. We add beauty to our surroundings and protection during the harsher weather, and when the wind blows we are all affected. A tree, or organization such as the congregation of First Parish, is a complex system when viewed closely, but when viewed from afar it looks like… well just another tree or Meeting House… Yet First Parish in unique, to say the very least. In the months and years ahead we will endeavor to imagine how we are interconnected and uncover what helps us make meaning in our lives and what we appreciate about one another. We will also try to imagine how we can share, with the larger metro west community, our claimed identity and what we feel is important in a town like Sudbury and the surrounding communities to offer from our liberal religious home.

As we rake those leaves this Fall let’s remember the roots and how they need to be protected and nurtured beneath the surface. The same is true with regard to cultivating our awareness, investment, and connection to First Parish, our interfaith community of hope and love.

Blessed be the tree!

Rev. Marjorie


R.E.flections by a chaliceD.R.E.amer

by Roberta Altamari, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

I recently attended a conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts.  My friend, Sophia Sayigh shared a keynote address that included so much inspiration that I was eager to share some of it with you.  Here is an excerpt from her speech.  Even though she speaks of homeschooling children, I believe it can apply to any of our lives and to our community here at First Parish.

“But what might be lost by spending some bucks, signing your kids up for stuff, and spending the day in the car driving from one activity to the next? Overcommit to prepackaged opportunities, and you might not have the time to spend a day in pajamas reading and cuddling, or the space in a day to make a serendipitous discovery born of nothing-to-do, or to experience a lush afternoon extending to sunset with other families hanging out all day at Walden Pond in the spring or fall when everyone else is cooped up in school. Or lingering at the park after a Frisbee game, or playground hopping week to week, or hosting a potluck or meeting at your house. Organizing events or get-togethers yourself is one of homeschooling’s best kept secrets. You can put some time and energy into some kind of home grown experience for your kids and other local homeschoolers, probably one that relates to an interest that your child has. Your child will meet other kids who share his or her interest, and you will make connections with other adults who are homeschooling their kids. Those parts of homeschooling were, for my family, very important parts, because we built a community of people who cared about each other and were there for each other, and that’s what it’s all about really, right? I mean, ten years later, that’s what abides.

Your life is NOW, not something you’re getting ready for later. That includes children’s lives. To me that remains one of the things I am most grateful for – my children living their lives at every age, blossoming in their own time, having the time to figure out who they are and to build relationships and connections over years. And those relationships weren’t just with other kids. Some of the people they count as friends today are the other adults in their lives who took an interest in them, mentored them, looked out for them, taught them, encouraged them, advised them, cheered them on.”

Thank you, Sophia!  Her words are beyond inspiring for me.  When the Religious Education Committee met to talk about our goals and strategies for the year, we got really excited about the importance of creating opportunities for fun and connection at First Parish.  While meaningful exploratory programs are also vital, we all need time and space to simply connect and enjoy each other.  Watch for both kinds of programs in the coming months.

Blessed be. Roberta


Religious Exploration NEWS

Be sure to LIKE our two NEW Facebook pages and stay connected:

Multigen Fun & Connection at First Parish of Sudbury

Since connection is the most important part of community … Post activities that you are hosting that you would welcome First Parish folks to join you for. Please be clear about date, time, age restrictions, and costs. And most important, have FUN!!

Living Our Faith at First Parish of Sudbury

This is a group specifically looking at Social Justice – Our Work in the World. Feel free to post ideas, hopes, dreams, and projects/initiatives you are working on that you would like others to know about

“This I Believe – the Original” and “This I Believe – Our Sources” adult R.E. classes starting next week

Roberta is pleased to announce in response to great feedback from last year’s “This I Believe” adult R.E. class that we will be offering two different classes this year. “This I Believe – the Original” will meet Wednesday mornings at 10am and includes an adult exploration of many of the themes our youth explore in the Coming-of-Age class including history, theology, spirituality, faith in action, and more. “This I Believe – the Sources” will meet Tuesday evenings at 7pm and will explore our six Unitarian Universalist sources and consider how each source can inspire our own spirituality and faith. Contact Roberta today to sign up and/or ask questions. You are welcome to take the Sources version whether you participated in the original class or not.


Sign up for Multigenerational Improv Workshops

We are excited to introduce a new “multigenerational theater” program at First Parish this year. During the Fall season, we invite youth (ages 10 and up) and adults to gather from 4:30 to 6:30pm on October 27th, November 10th, and December 8th for “exploring our religious values through improvisational theater.” This fun and also deeply engaging form of theater will inspire the workshop participants to use their creativity and imagination as they work together to produce small scenarios. Join us, ready to explore, grow, and be amazed! No former experience required—just a willing mind and body. Specialty pizza and fresh salad will be provided during the workshops. During the Winter season, we will offer a variety of ways to prepare for and participate in our annual Multigenerational Theatrical Presentation. This happens on Sunday, March 16th as part of the service we will build together. Participation in the Theatrical Presentation is not required to join us for the workshops. Join us and have fun! Sign up today to let us know your interest….


Harvest Craft Fair ***THIS SATURDAY –  October 19 ***

craft_fair1 The Harvest Fair Committee is gearing up with preparations for the 112thFirst Parish Harvest Craft Fair, one of our biggest annual fundraisers. The Craft Fair is a fun and festive event enjoyed by FPS folks and many in our surrounding communities.

Over 60 juried crafters sell their handmade goods at our Craft Fair. There are hand-knitted sweaters, beautiful jewelry, ceramics, paintings, hand blown glass items, photography, original art, and many one-of-a-kind items.

We also sell jams and jellies and baked goods from the kitchens of our parishioners.  These are always popular items and sell out.  This is a great way for you to contribute to First Parish.  If you can bake ANYTHING – cookies, brownies, pies, cakes, bread – we can sell it.  There is no need to sign up.  Just bring your baked goods and preserves to the church on Friday Oct. 18 between 3 and 8 PM or Saturday morning before 9:30 AM.

Then there is our famous soup luncheon with a great selection of delicious soups and breads.  If you can make a big pot of soup, we would love to sell that as well.  Please contact Sue C with any questions regarding soup.

And, of course, we need volunteers for set-up, help during the Fair, and clean-up.  Please contact Mary Ellen F.   We need you to help make the fair fun and successful.

Be sure the date is marked on your calendar. Bring family and friends for lunch, to enjoy the fun, and to get a start on your holiday shopping!


Living Our Faith

THE RESULTS ARE IN! Join us November 3 to plan our projects!

Thanks to all who participated in the discussion and voting for this year’s Living Our Faith topic. The most popular topic is: Food and Water.   So this year, we will focus our congregation-wide efforts on projects in these areas. Come to a brief planning meeting in the Library on November 3 right after the service to share ideas for projects, develop some plans for exploration and most importantly, to sign up to start working on some projects. Please forward ideas you have for projects to the Living Our Faith email address: () and bring information with you to the meeting. That way we can use our time most efficiently to get started on putting our hearts and hands to work!

interfaith svc projectWOW!! Sudbury Interfaith Project exceeds expectations!

On September 29, the Sudbury Interfaith Council sponsored a project to honor Sudbury’s 375th anniversary. The goal was to raise $9375 to pay for and pack 37,500 shelf-stable meals to help the food pantries in Middlesex County (the most hungry county in Massachusetts). With the help of 10 First Parish youth and adults, the interfaith effort far exceeded expectations: we raised enough money to pay for and we packed 40, 218 meals! This was the largest event ever in Middlesex County and the 13th largest event in all of the Northeast. Look how happy (and stylish!) your First Parish volunteers were!


Help Needed at Open Table in Maynard on the last Monday of every month

Here’s a chance to start helping with a food-oriented action project. Starting on Monday, October 28, First Parish Sudbury has agreed to provide volunteers on the last Monday of every month to help at the Maynard Open Table. Thanks to the 6 folks who have volunteered to join Rev. Marjorie for October 28. In future months, we’ll need up to 11 workers for the pantry and to serve dinner. Arrival is at 4:45 for a brief orientation. Shifts can be split by two people if you can’t stay the whole time. Further details and directions will be provided. We will work with volunteers from First Parish in Concord. Rev. Marjorie has already signed up as one of the helpers. Will you join her? Sign up on the Living Our Faith facebook page or by sending an email to: . We will be setting up a signup website to make future participation even easier!

93 kids thank you!

backpacks 2013That’s how many backpacks and school supplies First Parish Sudbury and HOPEsudbury collected this year in our annual drive. It’s such a simple shopping task for us but it means so much to the children who are displaced in shelters. They go to school with cute or cool backpacks full of supplies, just like the other kids all around them.


From Your Faith In Action Team

We thought you’d like to know:  Once again FIRST PARISH OF SUDBURY HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED AS A “CREATING JUSTICE BANNER SOCIETY”  in honor of exceptionally generous congregational support for UU Service Committee’s Human Rights and Social Justice work.

We thought you might like to see these Share-the-Plates that have been planned for the rest of the year:

  • October 20:  Head to Head (a school in Haiti) – see full article below
  • November 10:  Mass-Care (the campaign for single-payer health care in Massachusetts) – see full article below
  • November 24:  Sudbury Food Pantry
  • December 15:  Partakers (an organization that supports prison education, including the education of the prisoner we mentor)
  • And then, on Christmas Eve we shall give our entire offerings to the Metrowest Free Medical Clinic

We thought, also, that seeing the above might inspire you to seek a share-the-plate for an organization which you support. We shall probably make some decisions for the coming year on December 8, and so, if you wish to have your choice considered, please complete the form you will find on the Faith in Action bulletin board

And, you are cordially invited to hear MIT Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky, Director of the Institute for Urban Health and Practice Dr. Arnold Relman, former MA Commissioner of Public Health John Auerbach, and President of the MA AFL-CIO Steve Tolman at a benefit to support Mass-Care (the organization that works for single-payer health care in Massachusetts) — Wednesday, October 30, 5-8 pm at U Mass Club, 25 Franklin Street in Post Office Square Boston. More information can be obtained at;.

A Public Forum Health Care Options for All Stages of Life:  Palliative, Comfort & End-of-Life Care”  will be held Sunday, Nov. 3 from 2:30-4:30 at Goodnow Library, 21 Concord Road, Sudbury.  See the flyer on the Parish Hall bulletin board for details or ask Judy D.


Share the Plate October 20 with Head to Head

head to head 3The Head to Head School in Haiti is extraordinary. It provides tuition free education for children in the community of Belle Vue,Haiti, which is on a mountain above the southern coastal city of Jacmel. Locally it is called LEcole Commmunautaire de Belle Vue.

Jean Lublin of Norwalk,Ct, founded the school when he realized that many children in the community where he was raised couldn’t go to school because they were too poor. When he and a small group of Haitians living in the states saved about $1500 he believed I was sufficient to start a school. In 1999 under a canvass supported by wood posts,, three teachers began their work. Jean works as a nurse assistant and a portion of his income still goes to support the school.

Today there are 200 students and classes are held in a reinforced concrete building containing several rooms. We recently learned that 24 of 25 students taking the State’s qualifying exam for high school had passed , a phenomenal credit to the hard working teachers and students.

The other major happening can be best appreciated when you realize that the community of Belle Villegas has no running water or electricity and that it is on top of a mountain, lacking modern roads. Thus families had to carry water from a spring about a quarter mile down the mountain.This condition was recently alleviated when a well was drilled this summer close to the school.head to head 4

All gifts go directly to the school (no middlemen)and are used to pay the teachers and provide the children with a meal a day.

Thank you for your generous support on October 20.


Share the Plate November 10 with Mass-Care

Our November 10th Share the Plate will be for Mass-Care, the organization that works for single-payer health care in Massachusetts — a system that would make comprehensive, quality health care a right for all Massachusetts residents at a price that individuals, businesses and the Commonwealth can afford. Many MA residents can’t afford the co-pays and deductibles that they have to pay under our present health care system, and many MA residents are still going bankrupt because of their health care expenses. Mass-Care works closely with supportive legislators and members of its affiliates to educate other legislators and the general population about single- payer health care and has won support for single-payer health care on ballot questions in 24 Massachusetts towns. U-Mass Professor of Economics Gerald Friedman’s analysis shows that a single-payer system for Massachusetts would save 15.7% (or 9.7 billion) of our current health care spending — primarily in administrative waste.

From your Welcoming Congregation Committee

naughtyThere is more to equality than marriage (as important as that is).

 The vast majority of states have no equal marriage, and same-sex marriage in one state is not recognized by most other states.

In 33 states, you can fire a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (GLBT) person from a job and deny a promotion simply based on orientation.

In a large majority of states GLBT parents – whether foster, adoptive, step or biological – are openly discriminated against.

There is no comprehensive Federal safe school legislation for GLBT kids.

There is more work to be doneHow are you working for equality?  Tell your representaitves on the local, state and federal level how you feel.  Join the Welcoming Congregation Committee at First Parish.  Contact Donna Scalcione.


UU Animal Ministry

Take Action: Protect Honey Bees and Our Global Food Supply

Tell Home Depot and Lowe’s to stop selling bee-killing plants. In another example of how interconnected we are to our local farms and global food supply, a growing body of evidence has shown that pesticides called neonicotinoids are linked to the declining population of honeybees. Honeybees pollinate 71 out of the most important 100 crops worldwide. And in a surprising discovery, many of us may be unknowingly contributing to the problem by purchasing garden plants treated with neonicotinoids. More than half the samples of garden plants from top retailers in three different regions of the US tested positive for these pesticides. Our bees, our farmers, and our global food supply depend on actions taken to reduce the use of these toxic chemicals.  Tell Home Depot and Lowes to stop selling bee-killing plants.  Go to


NOTE: Office Closed Oct. 22-31

Our Congregational administrator, Donna Scalcione, will be taking some time off starting Tuesday, Oct. 22 and probably through the end of October. She will check phones and email remotely most days and asks for your patience.


4th Tuesday Lunch & Discussion Oct. 22 at Noon

Cate D will be the speaker at the next 4th Tuesday lunch, Oct. 22 at Noon in the Commons. Cate says, “Being out in nature, in the fresh air – whether it is in your own backyard or on a walk in the woods or on the beach gets us loaded up with all those feel good natural chemicals in our bodies.  Let’s talk together how listening to the birds, the ocean or feeling the sun on our skin or even watching the colorful leaves falling from the trees rejuvenates us with so much positive energy. Let’s also share some of our favorite spots that we go to in the area to walk, hike, snowshoe or kayak.  We can even go for a short walk right in First Parish’s Backyard if you would like.”

All are welcome – men and women, newcomers, visitors and long-timers.  Bring your lunch (microwave available) and share a relaxing hour or two with friends old and new.

femclipAll Women Welcome Oct 20 at Alliance Meeting

The Women’s Alliance of First Parish will hold their October monthly meeting on Sunday, October 20 at 11:45a.m. in Classroom 2 on the lower level.

You are encouraged to bring your lunch and./ or a snack item to share.

Alliance gatherings always a great time to socialize and to meet other women of the Church. All women of the church are always invited, even if you’ve never participated before.

At this meeting we will discuss possible grants, a grant proposal process and fundraising for the coming year. There will also be discussion of both topics and timing for exciting potential programs we might have after the first of the year. Please plan to attend. No RSVP required. – Betty W, President

Don’t Miss the Alliance One-Day Retreat Saturday, Nov. 2femclip

The Women’s Alliance will be having our 2nd annual one day retreat on Saturday, November 2. This new tradition began last spring when we had to forego our annual weekend retreat due to candidating week. We had such a wonderful time and loved the beauty and convenience of the First Parish site in Harvard that we decided to continue the tradition, making our 1-day retreat in the fall and continuing our weekend retreat tradition in the spring. Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty, the newly settled minister of First Parish, will be leading us in the Nov. 2  one day retreat entitled “Finding a Sense of Balance in an Unbalanced World.” If you would like to better understand your core values and how they help you to feel grounded, or not, in your life dare to attend! Plus this is a great chance for us all to get to know each other better.

Ministry is a second career for Rev. Marjorie who spent many years traveling around the world sharing her knowledge of software. Marjorie attended Andover Newton Theological school where she graduated with her Masters of Divinity. Combining her passion for the spiritual and technology Rev. Marjorie completed her doctorate this year entitled, “Engaging Technology in Twentieth Century Patterns of Meaning Making.” Rev. Marjorie strives, on a daily basis, to maintain a sense of balance through practices that engage the Mind, Body and Spirit.

On Nov. 2 we will plan to arrive at 9AM and then enjoy muffins, coffee and tea. It’s nice if some members bring breads or goodies that they have baked, but there is NO pressure to do that. We come to share and be enriched and have a great time together. There is ample time in the afternoon for us to take walks in the area. For 7 hours you can be part of a group doing together things we don’t often make time to do daily. There is no better way for new and long time members to become closer to one another and be in community. We’re all done around 4pm.

There is no cost except for the food, for which we will use the same wonderful source as last year. Last year we chose to make an Alliance donation to the Harvard church in thanks for their hospitality.

Sign up forms are available in the foyer and outside the office. You can also follow this link ALLIANCE 2nd_1-dayRetreat Nov2013 flyer to get to the form on the First Parish website. Please sign up to join us. Late registrants are fine, although knowing ahead of time how many we are facilitates food purchases.

All women of First Parish are warmly encouraged to attend.


Carbon Consciousness Group to Change Meeting Day

The Carbon Consciousness group is changing their regular meeting dates to the last Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Library. The next meeting is Oct. 29.  We gather each month to discuss our concerns about the environment, personal home projects and new ideas to lower our carbon footprint. We welcome newcomers to one of all of our meetings. There’s no commitment or work to be done. Please check us out. Contact Leslie L for more information.

1st Saturday Seeker Potluck & Discussion Nov. 2

soupOn October 6th ten members of First Parish gathered in the Commons to share a meal and have an experience of wonder.  The evening ensued with poetry, guided meditation, music, and media all on the topic of Our Interconnected Web, which is the worship theme for October. Every first Saturday, Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty will be presenting her thoughts on the monthly theme, and the gathered will engage in conversation on the topic. On November 2nd there will be another potluck “Community Feast” where members, friends and visitors will wonder about November’s worship theme: Traditions. A presentation, ritual, dinner and conversation will begin with setup at 5:30pm. We hope to see you there!

image022Coffee House on the Rocky Plain Presents Live Folk Music Nov 9

Music, music, music and great food to boot! Mark your calendar for the November 9th Coffee House. Featured performers are The Simones (you heard Lori Fassman last spring) and Tom Hanlon with special guest Leslie Bryant. Homemade cakes, pies and other gastronomic wonders will be served in a cozy atmosphere. Come early to settle in at your favorite table or snuggle on a comfy couch. Doors open at 7pm. Music starts at 7:30pm.

As always, volunteers are needed to bake goodies and to help with set up and serving during the show (contact Leslie L.). Come be part of the folk music scene, a New England tradition throughout the greater UU community. Proceeds benefit FPS as well as Don Arte, a music program in Cusco, Peru for disadvantaged children.

Thanks so much…thankyou

to Lorenzo M for replacing some clapboards on the meetinghouse (not an easy task on an historic building)…to Bruce M for priming the clapboards and to Cate D for painting them.  Great job, team!

christmas giftSecret Santa Coming

Watch for details in the Nov. 13th newsletter about Secret Santa — a traditional Living Our Faith project where we sign up to buy new Holiday gifts for area children in need — to begin in mid-November.

Our Milestones

Moving forward we will share the milestones that are offered in worship on Sunday as a column in the Connector.  Please keep those who come forward in worship for support in your thoughts and prayers.

Ginny D – remembering her brother Roger who died a few years ago.

George D – his parents house, and his families homestead, is being sold.

Marion T – memorial servie for a much loved teacher in Concord.

Ginny S – profound joy for a “new lease on life” after having having a medical procedure on her heart.

Alorie P- She is healing well and offers her thanks for all of the well wishes.

Jim G – Mother-in-laws memorial service on September 4th he remembers her and holds up Kristy’s grief at the loss of her mother.

Nancy M – happy news at being a great-great aunt for the second time!

Suren K – (friend of Ginny and Colin Steel) wife died in August and his thinks for FPS support of a women’s college that he founded in India.



Our Pastoral Associates

Julia D E, Mary Ellen F, June H, Heather M, Fred P, Paul R

In the event of a pastoral need,

please call any of our First Parish Pastoral Associates


Stewardship @ FPS

LOF Logo2

Your giving supports our excellent children and youth programs. Your giving supports social justice programs and lifespan religious education. Your giving enables meaningful worship every Sunday and allows the choir to sing and lift our spirits. Your giving supports our excellent staff and enables us to be a good employer. Your giving supports the preservation of our historic meetinghouse. Your giving has us on the way to financial sustainability.

What else might our generosity support? What dreams do you have for First Parish? Dare To Dream!

The Board of Trustees has appointed Sheila Murphy as Trustees’ liaison to the new Stewardship Team that is forming and we want your ideas. In fact, we need them. Share your dreams, thoughts, and ideas via email to , post them on First Parish Facebook page, share them with Rev Marjorie, talk to Sheila M at coffee hour.

This welcoming and inclusive community of faith that is First Parish exists because of the bold and generous way we connect with each other. Together, we make it happen!


Please wear your name tag every Sunday…it’s the welcoming thing to do.


Local, District, Denominational News/Events reflecting UU values

image026Please check the bulletin boards in the Parish Hall for events at other churches, the Clara Barton and Mass Bay Districts of UU Congregations, the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA) and others who share our values.

Save the Date to Meet Employment Options  —  Employment Options, a non-profit organization which empowers individuals and families in recovery to thrive in their communities, is inviting members of the Metro West towns we serve to tour our facility, meet our membership and learn about our programs. The Sudbury Evening will be held on Thursday, November 21, 6:00pm – 7:30pm at 82 Brigham Street, Marlborough. Light refreshments will be served. Please contact Shannon Leary with any questions, 508-485-5051 ext. 232. We hope to see you there!

Participate in the Survey for the UUA’s Multicultural Ministries Sharing Project.  Are you:  a person of color, a multiracial/multiethnic person, and/or someone with racial/ethnic/cultural heritages that are marginalized today?  a person whose visual, hearing, mobility, mental health, intellectual, learning/attention, and/or other physical abilities (including chemical sensitivity and food allergies) make it difficult to participate fully in mainstream spaces?  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or otherwise have a sexual orientation or gender identity/expression that doesn’t conform to cultural norms?  If you have one or more of these identities and are a UU or have a current or former affiliation with Unitarian Universalism, you are invited to participate in the UUA’s Multicultural Ministries Sharing Project to help our faith grow and best minister to you and your family in the 21st century. The Sharing Project Survey is open now and ends October 31, 2013. Learn more and take the survey now!

Ending Mass Incarceration in Massachusetts –  A Workshop in Effective Activism  Wednesday October 16 from 7 to 9 p.m. at First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington.  If you want to be part of ending mass incarceration in Massachusetts — or learn citizen lobbying skills that can be applied to other issues, too — please join us!  Barbara Dougan, the Massachusetts Director of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, will talk about current laws, upcoming bills, and details of the legislative process. Lynn Holbein, the president of UUMassAction, will discuss how to be an effective citizen lobbyist. There will also be time for questions and discussion.  This skills-and-strategy workshop is sponsored by the First Parish Arlington Mass Incarceration Working Group. To ask questions or RSVP (appreciated but not necessary),email Light savory refreshments will be provided.  First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington is located at 630 Mass. Ave. in Arlington Center. Workshop will take place in the vestry



327 Concord Rd., Sudbury, MA 01776 978-443-2043


Newsletter submission deadline is 5 pm Wed., Nov. 6 for the issue of Wed., Nov. 13

NOTE:  No Newsletter Oct. 30

Send to administrator or phone 978-443-2043

Sunday Worship begins at 10:00 AM and will be followed by a fellowship hour in the parish hall. Religious education and childcare are available, or children may remain with you for worship.

First Parish of Sudbury is a welcoming congregation, encouraging and celebrating the participation of all people regardless of theological belief, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

If you are a seeker of scientific, technological, or spiritual meaning you will be warmly welcomed.  We are a diverse and welcoming community of spiritual seekers; we strive to learn together and support one another as we celebrate life’s important moments and serve the larger community. At First Parish of Sudbury we welcome all who wish to explore their own spiritual journeys in the company of others and any who are seeking a religiously liberal community of faith. Our ministry is for people of all ages: we are a religious community that combines spiritual exploration, religious education, music, caring and compassion, service, advocacy, public witness and action. Our community is not confined to Sunday worship, rather we live our faith in service and action both inside and beyond our historic meetinghouse. Please visit or call or check out our website.

Minister: Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty —

Director of Lifespan Religious Education: Roberta Altamari —

Director of Music: Debra Morris-Bennett —

Congregational Administrator: Donna Scalcione —



Events Calendar Link

Click here to see the block calendar.