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Connector June 12, 2013

The Connector
Newsletter of the First Parish of Sudbury
Unitarian Universalist
327 Concord Road, Sudbury, MA 01776

fplogoJune 12, 2013

Worship at the Meetinghouse

Summer Worship Services to Begin June 30, 2013 — The Place to Be

What to do on Sunday mornings this summer beginning June 30? Come to The Commons at First Parish of Sudbury UU to enjoy (mostly) lay-led services on a variety of topics presented by members and friends of FPS.  These services feature music, readings, a reflection by the speaker as well as a time for announcements and milestones.

Nibbles are shared at 9:30 am and the service begins at 10:00.  Childcare is provided.

For up-to-date information about Summer Services, see the schedule at  Click on Summer Services 2013.  To offer to provide breakfast , music, childcare, or with other questions, please contact Fran Sharp at 978/443-3094 or 978/443-3094.

Summer Vacation

This year, our summer services will begin on June 30 and continue through Labor Day weekend—Sept. 1. What to do on June 16th and 23rd? As the saying goes “There are many paths that lead to the same destination.”  Enjoy a walk in nature.  Meditate.  Pick up a book of poetry you haven’t spent time with in a while.  Send a card to someone with whom you’ve lost touch. Rest.  We’ll get back together on June 30 and launch our summer worship season with a service led by our new member June Hopkins titled “Voices in My Blood.”Until then, peace and good health.

First Parish of Sudbury Summer Services 2013

 Sunday  Leader  Topic/Title  Host  Musicians  Nibbles
June 30 June H “Voices In My Blood” Tom Arnold ?? Nina P
July 7 Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris “Lessons in Democracy” Michael T Julia E Helga and Nancy
July 14 FPS Ministerial Search Team “How a committee can stay friends when the pressure is on” Fran S Genevieve Di Philip R
July 21 Dominique A “Is respect one size fits all?” ?? Roberta ??
July 28 Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris “The Long Journey – the poetry of Rumi” Tom A Trio-Nina, Eileen, Nancy Susan S
Aug 4 Lulu C “ ‘You can’t be 98 forever!’ and other truths discovered with difficulty.” ?? Peg E Helga and Nancy
Aug 11 Jitendra S “Mindless Mindfulness” Carolyn L ?? Steve G
Aug 18 Rob K “The House of You” ?? ?? Janice Z
Aug 25 Sheila M “Living Our Faith” Carolyn L Terry L Sherene A
Sept 1 Val and Marion Tr Annual Poetry Jam ?? Susan S

For the up-to-date schedule all summer:

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summer How To Reach Staff Over the Summer

      Summer office hours:  Tuesdays  9-11 am only

Our new Minister, Marjorie Matty is “on duty” starting August 19.


During the period from June 17 through August 18, the Pastoral Associates will monitor the minister’s line daily, attend to pastoral concerns and, when necessary, refer all pastoral emergencies or urgent First Parish business to the appropriate lay leader and/or Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris or to a minister on call.

To reach a minister or pastoral associate between now and August 19, phone First Parish at 978 443-2043 and leave a message on the Minister’s line, ext. 2.  The phones are monitored daily and someone will return your call promptly.  You may also leave a message by email at , but if your business is urgent, phoning Tracey directly is your best option at 617-306-1422 through August 14 when her contract ends.

Our Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Roberta Altamari has a mix of four weeks of vacation time, four weeks of professional development at Ferry Beach and Camp Erin, and the remaining weeks spent preparing for the start of another year.  To see her exact schedule, you can check our website at

She can best be reached by email at or by calling her cell phone at

508-988-0750 during the summer months.

Our Music Director Debra Morris-Bennett is busy preparing for next year, but rarely can be reached at First Parish during the summer.  Messages can be left on her home phone or sent to the email address, both in the FPS directory.

Our Congregational Administrator Donna Scalcione will be in the office

only on Tuesdays from 9:00-11:00 am starting June 25 since admin. hours are reduced in the summer.  Phone and emails to or 978-443-2043 ext. 3 will be attended to Monday-Friday from home.  Donna will be on vacation and away from phones and email July 9-15 and out of the office July 30.  Regular office hours will resume in September.

First Parish of Sudbury’s Pastoral Associates

Karen G, Polly M, Heather M, Fred Pr, Paul R

In the event of a pastoral need, please call any of these Pastoral Associates.

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R.E.flections by a chaliceD.R.E.amer

Roberta AltamariRoberta Altamari
Director of Lifespan Religious Education

As I finish my fifth year working as your Religious Educator (and my tenth year working in religious education), I am feeling very grateful.  Grateful to be able to do this work that I love and for all the wonderful people that I have met here at First Parish.  A few weeks ago, at the Bridging Service, I once again cried as I bid farewell to our graduating seniors.  When someone asked me about it at Social Hour, I remarked that I’m like a Mama bird teaching our offspring how to fly … and success involves flying away from me at the end of our time together.  Seeing them fly away is always bittersweet.  I’m sad to see them go, but so proud to see the amazing young men and women heading off on their adult journeys.

It feels like more than just nine months have passed since we gathered last September and I told the story of seeing the baby birds in the nest at Star Island just learning to fly.  The circle of life is pretty wonder-filled and it continues all the time here at First Parish.  I have had the great privilege to work with children, youth, and adults, offering them support for their unique spiritual journeys … and each person has been inspiring in their own way.  The relationships created here truly are a gift.

As I savor this moment to look back with appreciation, I also look forward to next year with great enthusiasm.  What new adventures await us when we return next fall?  The arrival of Rev. Marjorie will no doubt bring some new energy and spark to life at First Parish.  What programs and initiatives will be sparked?  What new connections and conversations will be inspired?  I can’t wait to find out!

Until then, I wish you all the best as you head off to your summer plans.  May any troubles you encounter be mild and may your joys be exceptional.

With love and blessed be,
Roberta ♥


Religious Exploration Newshandsonglobe

Please sign up to help next Fall in one of our Religious Education programs

Here is the link to sign up for our Sunday morning classes:

To sign up to help with Youth Ministry, Adult R.E. programming, or other related/helpful tasks, please contact Roberta today.

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Buy Yourself a First Parish of Sudbury t-shirt for the summer!image012

Thanks to everyone who voted in our Logo Contest!  The top three logos were really close, so we uploaded all three logos to Zazzle so that anyone who wishes to own at First Parish shirt can pick their favorite.  You can select a color version on a white shirt or a black version on a colored shirt. (This is not a fundraiser for First Parish as the royalty is very low, but a great chance to own your own UUnique t-shirt.)  Go to

image020People We Care About

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discussionWant to Help Shape Worship at FPS?

Are you interested in serving for one year on a transitional team to help make our worship experiences the best they can be?  Fran S is gathering together people interested in serving for one year (with the option to renew) to work with Rev. Marjorie, Debra and Roberta to create the worship services for the regular program year.  Are there elements of our services that you feel strongly about (keeping or changing)?  Can you bring feedback about the services from others to our meetings?  This is a special opportunity to work closely with our new minister on an important aspect of our congregational life!  Contact Fran for more info.

dontforgetPlease send in reimbursement requests

As we approach the end of our fiscal year, it is extremely important to settle all accounts promptly before or at the end of June.  Please submit any open reimbursement requests to the treasurer using the approved forms available in the office or ask Donna Scalcione for an emailed copy.  Make sure that the appropriate committee chair approves all reimbursement requests.  Also, if you have any particular questions regarding this year’s budget, remaining monies, past accountings, etc., please feel free to contact the treasurer (Scott P) directly at

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image021Faith in Action (FIA) News

A Month of Action on Mass Incarceration

In the Month of June UU churches around the state are taking action on Mass Incarceration.  Check out one of these events to learn more about the cost of the prison industrial complex on our society.  All of these events are at First Parish Arlington, 630 Mass. Ave. in Arlington Center, with the exception of the June 11th which will be held at First Church Unitarian, 19 Foster St., Littleton, MA.

animalministryUU Animal Ministry celebrates the goal of a more compassionate world!

With loving kindness, we advocate greater moral consideration of animals.
With humility, we are rethinking our treatment of other species.
With gratitude, we cherish our multispecies planet.
With joy, we practice compassion.
Still, at times, this prophetic task challenges the spirit—
And when we walk together,
the way becomes easier and more joyful.

How can I be in touch with UU Animal Ministry (UUAM)?

Join the listserv community and say hello!
More information is at our website:

What is the Reverence for Life Program?

UUAM created this program in 2010 to provide steps for greater Unitarian Universalist engagement about how we relate to other animals. Several UU congregations piloted the program beginning in 2011, and now the RFL program is available for everyone.  Learn more here:

thankyouThank you

to Kelsey & Terry, Carolyn & Gabe, and Karen R for donating dehumidifiers to FPS and to Jackie R who is standing by with another in case we need it…and to Alorie & Craig for their efforts.

New Furniture in Parish Hall

Please be gentle with the new furniture in the Parish Hall (two wing chairs and a small love seat).  The old sofas were too expensive to keep clean and too low and soft for those who need a firmer seat and the support of arms.  The new furniture is also lighter weight and easier to move.  Let’s all help to keep these items clean and nice.  Thanks.

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forrentYou Can Help First Parish Find New Renters

If you know of an individual or organization that is looking for rental space (for a one-time event or ongoing) please let them know that we have a variety of spaces available at reasonable rental fees, and suggest that they call the office for details at 978-443-2043 or email .  Or you can let the office know of your idea and someone from FPS will contact them.  Thanks.  Every little bit of income helps us all.

iamanallyUpdate from your Welcoming Congregation Committee

Isn’t it amazing (and discouraging) how many countries are ahead of the US in equal marriage for same-sex partners?

As of May 2013, thirteen countries (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden), and several sub-national jurisdictions (parts of Mexico and the United States), allow same-sex couples to marry.  Uruguay and New Zealand have both enacted laws to legalize same-sex marriage which will come into force in August 2013.  Bills allowing legal recognition of same-sex marriage have been proposed, are pending, or have passed at least one legislative house in Andorra, England and Wales, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Nepal, Scotland, and Taiwan, as well as in parts of Australia, Mexico, and the United States).  Have you told your US senator and rep how you feel?  If UU’s don’t lead, who will?

image026District, Denominational and local NEWS supporting UU Principles

Sunday, June 2 from 2-5 pm Mass .Interfaith Power & Light presents Fighting Climate Change Caused by Power Plants at Edwards Church, UCC, 39 Edwards St., Framingham.

Please check the bulletin boards in the Parish Hall for other events and information

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Events Calendar

WORSHIP & Childcare SUNDAYS 10:00 am

The calendar.

First Parish of Sudbury Unitarian Universalist
327 Concord Rd., Sudbury, MA 01776

WORSHIP & Childcare Sundays at 10:00 am

Interim Minister Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris: 
Director of Lifespan Religious Education Roberta Altamari: 
Director of Music Debra Morris-Bennett: 
Congregational Administrator Donna Scalcione: 

Next newsletter in early September
Deadline will be announced by email
Submissions to administrator
or phone 978-443-2043

We are a diverse and welcoming community of spiritual seekers;
we strive to learn together and support one another as we celebrate
life’s important moments and serve the larger community.


 Please wear your name tag even on Summer Sundays.  It’s the welcoming thing to do!