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R.E.flections by a chaliceD.R.E.amer – June 12, 2013

Roberta AltamariRoberta Altamari
Director of Lifespan Religious Education

As I finish my fifth year working as your Religious Educator (and my tenth year working in religious education), I am feeling very grateful.  Grateful to be able to do this work that I love and for all the wonderful people that I have met here at First Parish.  A few weeks ago, at the Bridging Service, I once again cried as I bid farewell to our graduating seniors.  When someone asked me about it at Social Hour, I remarked that I’m like a Mama bird teaching our offspring how to fly … and success involves flying away from me at the end of our time together.  Seeing them fly away is always bittersweet.  I’m sad to see them go, but so proud to see the amazing young men and women heading off on their adult journeys.

It feels like more than just nine months have passed since we gathered last September and I told the story of seeing the baby birds in the nest at Star Island just learning to fly.  The circle of life is pretty wonder-filled and it continues all the time here at First Parish.  I have had the great privilege to work with children, youth, and adults, offering them support for their unique spiritual journeys … and each person has been inspiring in their own way.  The relationships created here truly are a gift.

As I savor this moment to look back with appreciation, I also look forward to next year with great enthusiasm.  What new adventures await us when we return next fall?  The arrival of Rev. Marjorie will no doubt bring some new energy and spark to life at First Parish.  What programs and initiatives will be sparked?  What new connections and conversations will be inspired?  I can’t wait to find out!

Until then, I wish you all the best as you head off to your summer plans.  May any troubles you encounter be mild and may your joys be exceptional.

With love and blessed be,
Roberta ♥