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Greetings from the Director of Religious Exploration

Chris Scheller

I feel very blessed to be the Director of Religious Exploration at First Parish Sudbury, and I have been so touched and impressed by the community. If you are new or considering joining the church, I hope you will email or come find me with any questions and that you find all of us as welcoming and helpful as I did when I first came to First Parish. I will do my best to support you, of whatever age, in your own unique journey and UU faith formation, including all of our religious education classes on Sunday morning, as well as our Senior High Youth Group.

A bit about me…I have been a seeker all my life. My mother reminds me that when I was in preschool I was arguing with a friend about the gender of God and took the position that God was a woman. I received my Master of Divinity from Harvard in 2009 and have been working in UU churches since then, first as a minister in training at the Unitarian Church of Sharon, with a focus on religious education and lifespan learning. I also led the Senior Youth Group at the Unitarian Church of Sharon for four years, and was leading religious education at the Groton and Karuna Schools, as well. I am a Candidate for Unitarian Universalist Ministry seeking ordination. My research focus at Harvard was on the integration of Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation into the field of Psychology, adapted for both youth and adults in the modern world. I also currently teach meditation at Babson College. I live in Winchester with my wife, Liz, and three-year-old daughter, Kimmie.

I look forward to journeying with you together,

Chris Scheller

We have a fun and exciting year ahead, and I hope you will be a part of it! If you are interested in volunteering as a teacher or helper in our religious education program, please contact me directly at  to let me know.

Serving on the Religious Exploration Committee

If you feel called to participate in a ongoing basis in Religious Exploration please consider being a member of the committee that will help imagine and support our Director of Religious Exploration. Contact Chris Scheller for more information.

Volunteering in Religious Education

Helping with our children and youth is a terrific way to contribute to First Parish of Sudbury and work towards a better tomorrow. We need help especially in the nursery and our youngest RE class, Spirit Play. Contact Chris Scheller for more information.