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Religious Education Registration Form

Please speak with our Minister, Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty, for more information about our amazing RE program.

RE Registration Form
  •   FPS Newsletter and Website
      FPS Social Media (e.g. Facebook)
      FPS Brochures
      TV broadcasts (typically local cable)
      FPS members and friends website (private)
  • * First Parish of Sudbury seeks to create a healthy, inclusive environment in which all children and youth feel safe and affirmed. The following questions are asked so that we can best support your children and family as a valuable part of our loving community …
  • Do you have any questions regarding First Parish, our Religious Education program, or Unitarian Universalism that you would like our Director of Lifespan Religious Education or minister to answer for you? (If you do not at this time, but think of something later – always feel free to contact either of them with your questions, concerns, comments, and other thoughts.)
  •   Be a Guide for Sing to the Power (elementary school)
      Be a Guide for our Breakfast Club (middle school)
      Assist with Youth Group activities (high school)
      Be a mentor in the Coming-of-Age program
      Assist with our Multigenerational Play this winter
      Assist with Special Holiday or Social Justice Sundays (for all kids together)
      Provide childcare for young children
      Be a character or puppet holder in one of our Stories for All Ages during Sunday morning worship
      Join the RE committee