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Supporting First Parish of Sudbury

Stewardship: “the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving”

Rainbow Chalice

Welcome home!

A message from your Stewardship Team

For me, Fall means reconnecting with my First Parish community. It means greeting old friends in the Sanctuary, hearing about summer adventures at Coffee Hour. It means renewing my intention to bring my best self to the world, to deepening an awareness of who I really am, and who you are. It also means deciding where and how I will support my beloved community with my time, talents and treasure.

We are a mostly volunteer organization and without each of us helping out, we won’t have the programs we enjoy and we won’t be able to share them with the world. So, in the Fall, I figure out when I can host coffee hour, and when I will bring flowers. I start to think about how I want to put MY faith into action, both at home at First Parish, and out in the Sudbury community, and beyond. And then I sign up!

First Parish’s primary source of income is annual pledges. Through our pledges, we make generosity a part of our own spiritual practice. And as I pass the offering plate on Sundays, I reflect on how privileged I am to have this liberal, caring, thinking community in my life. Around the beginning of next year your First Parish leaders will communicate our financial needs for the upcoming fiscal year. And since it takes money as well as love to keep First Parish running, I will sign a pledge card.

But you don’t need to wait for January to support First Parish financially. You can, of course, make a gift at any time. Or include First Parish in your planned giving strategy.

We need and welcome your support and engagement.

~ Susan Stocker, Stewardship Team

More information

Here are links to more information about First Parish of Sudbury’s finances and about the 2014 Pledge Drive.

2014 Pledge Drive Brochure (PDF prints on an 8.5 by 14  inch page)

2014 Pledge Drive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (PDF)

2014 Financial Overview for First Parish of Sudbury (PDF)

2013 Approved Budget for First Parish of Sudbury (PDF on Members and Friends website, requires login)

UUA Fair Share Giving Guide (PDF on UUA website)