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Posted by on Mar 11, 2018 in General News, Worship Services

Do you believe that you can and are making a difference in this world? How does the actions of a single person revive and inspire a people? Join, and bring your funny bone as, Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty  ponders personal accountability and the concept of call.

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Debby Irving postponed

Posted by on Mar 9, 2018 in General News


“Waking Up White”  event POSTPONED til Saturday, March 24

Debby Irving the author of “Waking Up White” will be speaking at First Parish of Sudbury on Saturday, March 24th from 10:00am – 1:00pm.

There will be books for sale and Ms. Irving will be available to sign.

Thank you for your patience in the change of date due to the aftermath of weather.

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Insights: transforming a bit at a time

Posted by on Mar 8, 2018 in General News

Insights…by Fran Sharp

Right on the cusp of our February theme of Love and our March theme of Transformation, Rev. Marjorie preached a sermon including the following test for wise speech. Before you speak (and I add, especially about another person) ask yourself, Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? These are called the Three Gates of Speech.

This has been attributed to many authors including Rumi, poet Beth Day (1800s), and the Buddha, and has been widely used for centuries. Many have tinkered and added a fourth question to this group, such as–is it beneficial, is this the right time, does it improve upon silence? I would add “would you be fine with the person you are speaking about hearing this conversation?”

As I ponder Transformation, our theme of the month for March, I can say that this “test of speech”–Buddha would have said “right speech”–from Rev. Marjorie’s sermon, has shown promise of being transformative for me. I have thought about it many times each day since, and caught myself not quite hitting the mark. Transformations come in packages big and small. Wouldn’t it be outstanding if a minister preached and proclaimed and prophesied and it resulted in listeners going forth and transforming the world in major ways—bringing about world peace, ending hunger, violence and inequality, and restoring our planet to health? I think change happens in more subtle gradual ways. A pebble in the pond creates a ripple. A pond-change occurs rather than a sea-change.

Just imagine if each of us edited our speech as proscribed above. We would catch ourselves and stop before saying half-truths, or “feeling truths” like the child at the playground who says “Megan hit me” when truthfully Megan said she didn’t want to be friends, and that felt just like being hit. We all express feeling truths—slight adjustments of factuality in favor of making a case for the way we experience a situation.

We would practice “kindness as our religion” (the Dalai Lama) and speak as kindly to others as we wish to be spoken to (and of). And, the big challenge, for me anyway, would be speaking only what’s necessary and skipping the rest. What would I do with all that extra time? Hmmm. I could become a more active listener, really focusing without judgment on what my conversation partner was saying…not waiting for my chance to rebut or tell a story about myself or spending the time thinking of what I need at the grocery store. I could really listen.

A synonym of transform is exchange. A transformation of speaking wisely (instead of carelessly or unconsciously) would mean we were exchanging one thing for another. What would we be gaining and what would we be giving up? Sorry–no answer here. Each must look within. Is it worth the cost of change and growth? It would transform our world a little at a time.

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Spring Auction –one month to go!

Posted by on Mar 8, 2018 in General News


       Auction Countdown! . – 5 – . – 4 – . auction-donation-form . – 3 – . . .

The donations are coming in and we’ve got some great items and services for you to bid on…..and there is a lot of interest in the reverse auction. There is still time to participate in both.

Wondering what to donate this year? The possibilities are endless: pool parties, cookouts, and dinners are always a hit and they keep the fun going throughout the year. Maybe you’d like to host a kid friendly event, or perhaps a Super Bowl party next February. Do you have a skill or hobby that you’d like to share? Don’t forget to ask some of your favorite merchants to donate a gift certificate. If you’re thinking about a donation and want some help figuring out the details, just talk to anyone on the Auction Team. You can submit your Auction Donation Form on line at through March 17th , or fill out a manual form (available in the church lobby).

Don’t forget the reverse auction! Do you have some service you need but just can’t find the right person? Perhaps you need your garden weeded, some wood split, or maybe you just can’t get the hang of your new computer, smart phone, or some clever new software. Chances are there is someone at First Parish who would be happy to provide the service, especially if it helps the church. The reverse auction will connect you!

If you have something you would like to purchase, simply fill out the Reverse Auction Form. Tell us what you would be willing to “pay” First Parish for the service. We’ll include your desired item as part of the silent auction. Anyone willing to provide the service will sign the bid sheet, you’ll pay the church, and you and your new helper will arrange for the work to be done.

The Auction Team needs a few folks on the day of the Auction to help set up, serve food, and bring the Parish Hall back to normal after the Auction ends. If you’re able to help, just sign up at Auction Volunteer.

We hope you have marked your calendars for Saturday, April 7th, at 6:00 PM. Bring the kids – there will be childcare with pizza and a program.


Auction tickets are $15 and may be purchased at the door.

Any questions, please contact the Auction Team: Sherene Aram, Sherri Cline, Gail Hardenbergh, Jan Hardenbergh, Sara Hartman,  Anna Lee, and Sheila Murphy. Or email us at

See you at the Auction!

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Sharing the Plate March 25 with Rowe UU Camp and Conference Center

Posted by on Mar 8, 2018 in General News

On March 25 we will share the plate with the Unitarian Universalist Rowe Camp and Conference Center, a non-profit organization.

The Rowe Center is located in Rowe MA and is one of the three UU camp/conf centers in New England. All are great opportunities for kids to have camp experiences that reinforce their UU values. Rowe is unique in that it provides year-long programming for adults as well as children’s summer camps.

Your contributions on March 25 will go directly to Rowe’s Woodside Diversity program that enables children to go to Rowe whose families couldn’t otherwise send them to camp. If our congregation gave $300 to Rowe, that would pay for half of a one week campership; $600 would pay for a whole campership. Thank you. 

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We Are All In This Together

Posted by on Mar 4, 2018 in General News, Worship Services


We need one another, we want to learn, grow, transform our lives and have fun together. We are the co-creators of this moment.

First Parish of Sudbury is welcoming back the well known and well loved bluegrass group, Southern Rail to provide music for their service on the theme of “Transformations” March 4 at 10:00 am.

A well-known and well-loved bluegrass group, Southern Rail’s performances are high-energy exuberant fun, with riveting harmonies, irrepressible humor and sparkling banjo, mandolin, and guitar solo work. In addition to their instrumental music, they will blend their voices in tight harmony to offer a set of bluegrass and gospel songs that were carefully chosen to weave throughout the service.  Each song offers a unique perspective about transformation.  There will be tunes by Hank Williams, Albert Brumley,  Barker Aaron Gayle and Randall Hilton as well as traditional tunes including “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “The Darkest Hour”.  Rounding out this special music service are several tunes written by band member Jim Muller including “My Old Friends” and “Walk Your Way to Heaven”.

Come and hear this special musical service coordinated with Music Director, Debra Morris-Bennett.  Band members are Jim Muller (guitar), Sharon Horovitch (acoustic bass), Rich Stillman (banjo) and John Tibert  (mandolin).   Their playing and singing promises to be “transformational”!

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