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June 11 Annual Congregational Picnic

Posted by on May 31, 2017 in General News

All ages are welcome to our Church Picnic on Sunday, June 11 after the Flower Communion Service.  Hamburgers  and hot dogs (meat & vegetarian) and the fixings, AND ice cream are provided by Community and Hospitality Committee.  Bring a dish to share with a list of the ingredients, drinks, picnic blankets and games.  Members of the Conscious Eaters group are bringing their favorite healthy homemade snacks with copies of the recipe.   We will have a supply of plates, napkins, and utensils but we encourage you to bring recyclable supplies.  Rain or Shine!

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Independence Day at FPS

Posted by on May 31, 2017 in General News

We had so much fun grilling and selling picnic food to the Independence Day Parade spectators last year that we are running it again.  We welcome everyone to help plan, shop, grill, cut watermelons, set up tables and canopies and clean up.  If you can’t be there, you can still help by baking cookies, brownies, or cupcakes ahead of time.  Store them in the brand new freezer with a big tag “July 4 Grill”

We already have several volunteers. Hooray, Volunteers!

Here’s what Leslie and Tom could use help with:

  1. planning
  2. grilling
  3. a trip to BJ’s (do you have a membership cards?)
  4. ice chests

For your offers of help, please contact Leslie Lowe and Tom Yelton.

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Judy and Marshall Deutsch moving to NM

Posted by on May 31, 2017 in General News

Judy and Marshall’s mailing address starting June 28 will be:

Judy and Marshall Deutsch
c/o Baron-Deutsch
P.O. Box #2848
Corrales, NM 87048-2848
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Free Shredding Service at FPS

Posted by on May 31, 2017 in General News

Our member, Jason Robison, really likes shredding documents and plans to come in often to FPS to help us, and YOU, with our document needs. Jason and his friend Pat Burkhardt already come in and take care of our recycling. (Thanks, Pat and Jason.)


Here’s how the shredding will work.

  1. There will be a box on the shelves outside the FPS office marked “for Jason to shred”
  2. Please bring anything to be shredded there, and each day Fran is in the office, she will put the collected documents near the shredder in the office workroom in a secure location. If you have a large amount of papers, please contact Fran in the office to make arrangements. Stapled papers and envelopes with windows, ok, but no cardstock or plastic, please.
  3. Jason and his responsible, trustworthy professional helper, Maja, will shred and recycle the shreddings.
  4. Your documents will be handled carefully and will be treated as confidential.

This is what we call a Win-Win-Win!

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Spirituality and Personal Development Book Group

Posted by on May 31, 2017 in General News

Our next get-together: Saturday, June 17 10:30am at FPS

We got together for our first meeting on May 20, with great enthusiasm and lots of ideas for future books to read.

The book we chose to read (or begin) by June 17 is “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani. This is a fascinating account of a woman’s near death experience as a result of Stage 4 cancer, and her medically documented miraculous recovery. Moorjani then begins her life again, grounded in love and begins to help others through her writing and by the way she lives.

It is a fairly quick read, so get it inexpensively online or find a copy through your library and get ready for some inspiring reading. We will meet on June 17, discuss Dying to Be Me, and select the order for the next books we plan to read:

  • The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn
  • The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
  • 10% Happier by Dan Harris
  • A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson



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A Quaker-style Meeting at FPS

Posted by on May 28, 2017 in General News, Worship Services

A Quaker-style Meeting on May 28


The Worship Associates Group asks that those who wish to be part of the Meeting to enter the Parish Hall in silence and take a seat in the circle. After a musical piece, played by Cilla Reising, we will sit together in silence, speaking briefly when moved to do so. Children will go directly upstairs to RE. We hope that you will enjoy being a part of this special experience. The service will end with another piano piece and the shaking of hands. A simple coffee hour and conversation will follow. Our thanks go to Carole McNamee for her advice and counsel.

A few Comments from Carole McNamee:

Worship begins upon entering the room and sitting down.  There is no formal announcement.  Upon taking a seat, we begin to settle our minds and bodies and look inward, seeking “that of God” in ourselves and those gathered with us.

If you are new to the silence, it may seem uncomfortable and you may find yourself distracted by your own thoughts, the noises from outside, others entering the room.  This is all normal, acknowledge the distractions, and return to your inward space seeking the still center of your being.

The communal silence is believed to provide space for us to receive messages from spirit.  If among the many thoughts that appear in your mind, there is one that seems to come from a deeper place, you are encouraged to stand and share this message aloud.  Sometimes, in the course of a Meeting for Worship, there will be many shared messages, typically referred to as vocal ministry. Following a message, it is customary to maintain silence to allow the message to enter our inner space and explore whether or not the message holds any particular meaning for us.  It may or may not.  Sometimes messages may take unusual forms, e.g. a song or a dance.  In this case it may be that others will join in the song or dance.  In all cases, the ministry comes from a deeper place within us.  It is unplanned.

Sometimes, there will be no messages and we enjoy the silence.

Worship continues in silence until a designated meeting closer shakes a hand.  Others then follow, greeting and shaking hands with neighbors.

If you resonated with a particular message, it is fine to tell the deliverer that you appreciated the message, but do not expect to have an in-depth discussion.  The speaker of the message may still be deep in thought about the message and may wish more time to consider its content before engaging in a dialogue about it.

A Quaker Meeting for Worship

(Wikipedia May 14, 2017, edited by Carole McNamee)

“Unprogrammed worship (also known as waiting worship, ‘silent worship,’ or holy communion in the manner of Friends) is based on the practices of George Fox and the Early Friends, who based their religious beliefs and practices on their interpretation of how the early Christians worshipped God, their Heavenly Father. Friends gather together in ‘expectant waiting upon God’ to experience his still small voice leading them from within. There is no plan on how the meeting will proceed, and actual practice varies widely between Meetings and individual worship services. Friends believe that God plans what will happen, with his spirit leading people to speak. When a participant feels led to speak, he or she will stand and share a spoken message of (‘vocal ministry’) in front of others. When this happens, Quakers believe that the spirit of God is speaking through the speaker. After someone has spoken, it is generally considered good etiquette to allow a few minutes to pass in silence before further vocal ministry is given. Sometimes a meeting is entirely silent, sometimes many speak. These meetings lasted for several hours in George Fox’s day. Modern meetings are often limited to an hour, ending when two people (usually elders) signal the ‘rise’ (close) by handshake. This handshake is then shared by the others. This style of worship is the norm in Great Britain, Ireland, the continent of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Canada, and parts of the United States (particularly yearly meetings associated with Friends General Conference and Beanite Quakerism).  Those who worship in this style hold each person to be equal before God and capable of knowing the light of God directly. Anyone present may speak if they feel led to do so.

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